Work Out @ Home

I have done some exercises at home and I just realized how it feels really good working out. With all those sweats coming out of your body system you will really feel healthy about yourself.

I tried tae bo last night and I mixed it with jogging. I also did some abs work out this morning before I go to office. It was such a pleasant experience and a worthwhile activity to be considered.

Good thing I have got copies of different routine exercises. Hope to be in good shape soon. πŸ™‚

Friday Weigh-In

Every Friday is the scheduled weigh-in of our FPA version of Biggest Loser. So tomorrow is going the be my first time with it. What should I expect? I guess I will be paying as when I tried to weigh myself yesterday I even gained a pound and a half. Whew! Maybe I should wish for the weighing scale to breakdown instead. Hihi! but it should be in a way that is favorable for me to win.

On the other hand, I should not be expecting anything so I will never be disappointed at all. No matter how I tried losing weight it just don’t happen to me. Sigh! πŸ™

Biggest Loser – FPA Edition

I have been invited for another biggest loser edition but then it is now within a smaller group of people in our office. At first, I am hesitant to join but they were able to persuade me still. While I have been very much fascinated about apidextra cutomer reviews, I guess that is one of those things that motivated me. We started the weigh in and I am at 158.5lbs this time. We need to lose at least 3lbs till next Friday, March 16, 2011. So wish me luck again and I am hoping to win so I need not wish for my friends to get fat instead of me getting thin. πŸ™‚