Birthday Gift for Me

Nine more days to go and it’s gonna be my 31st birthday. The last set of numbers to appear in the calendar. I am thinking of what I could probably give myself for my special day. One of my options is to grab a pair of earrings again from my office mate who sells a retail and wholesale jewelry accessories. It could be genuine white or yellow golds and diamonds not to mention other precious stones designs or some silver accessories as well. If I were to choose I want it to be significant and memorable enough but not necessarily that pricey. Just something that would fit my budget. I guess a sapphire set of earrings would do since it represents my birth stone. Why not? =)

Dadi’s Birthday Celebration

Yesterday we had a simple celebration of daddy’s birthday at home. As expected there were food sets on the table. I prepared the usual chicken and vegetable soup, a whole fried chicken and a traditional pasta while hubby cooked “pulutan” like “adobong tahong” and sisig. Three of his friends came over aside from my uncle’s family. His friend brought some cake just right for dessert and we had like sago-gulaman as our all-time favorite drink. Somehow it was frustrating as we did not have the time to attend mass but at least we were able to celebrate the day with fun while watching basketball games in the television followed by a romantic movie.

Missing My Friends

We were supposed to meet up last week to celebrate our birthdays. Ours because it will be a one-time get together intended for our birthdays that passed for the year. Below are the dates:

Katrina – February 06
Dhalia – June 23
Maribeth – May 27
Mine – September 19
Leony – November 22
Jhoanna – December 03

Unlike before this year there were no celebrations that transpired. I was in the United States during my birthday. Dhalia and Katrina are also abroad. Beth and Jho are some kind of busy. Niko is currently having her third child in her womb. Sad cause I really miss them. I just wish one day we will be able to spare some time for ourselves.

Happy Birthday Chichay!

Today is the birthday of my best friend from my very first employer. Her name is che, chitchay, chetchos, cherill whatever you can call her related to it but I am used to calling her tol. She is more like a sister to me. I remember how we jive on some music genre, how we understand each other and listen to our own life or working grievances shall I say. We have been through a lot of things. For more than four years , we have been really very close and we have established a strong bond together. Now, I am missing her so much and I hope I can get in touch with her again soon. Happy birthday tol! luv yah!

My 29th Birthday

There were no surprises, no great celebration, just a simple moment worth to be remembered. On the other hand, I just got some things I have considered as one of those best gifts I ever had.

I had enough of which I do not usually enjoy and the best thing about it is that I have enjoyed the moment of sleeping with my loved ones on my special day.

I just had the chance to consider things which I should be thankful about. The life itself, the kind of work I have which provides for our living, my friends and all the people around me whom has shown me love. Indeed I have lot of reasons to celebrate everyday and not just my birthday.

Thanks to my hubby for waking me up with greetings full of love; for the time he spent with me taking me to a sumptuous lunch with his family, for posing with pride as captured by the studio camera, for the cold coffee mixed with so much of care and for the cuddly bear given to me with joyful memories. I am so lucky to have you. It is as if I found a perfect partner from the best dating website.

This is indeed one of the best occasions I have ever celebrated even without those expensive gifts and big party, for as long as there’s love everything will turn out to be just almost perfect.

Happy Birthday Friends

When I opened my facebook account, I was surprised to see some of my friends celebrating their birthday today July 21, 2011.

 Charlize Bernardo-my Godchild daughter of my best buddy Dhang,  Cherie Gaspar-family friend who’s so kikay; Ideline Silva-a neighbor in the province, Jahla Camila-a relative, Janice Mercado Bombita-highscool classmate , Jonald C. Gutierrez-college friend husband of MC, Larriza Timbol Dela Cruz-an acquaintance and peer, Maricris Paraiso Gutierrez-college friend wife of Jonald, Marissa Rayala – an officemate and former Team Leader, Rodalyn Duenes – a friend overseas.

Happy birthday to you guys! May you have more birthdays and more blessings to come. It’s Party time!




A Gift For Myself

Isn’t it obvious that I am so excited for my birthday to come? Maybe. Almost every year I see to it that I reward myself of something special during my birthday. It may not necessarily be an expensive item. Enough that I just thought of having something I can treasure and look back after all (oh, my poor necklace… hope to get you back soon).
This time I decided to get hold of  a wristwatch, a stuff I’ve been dreaming for so long. The last time I bought one was 4 years ago I think, though it still functions until now but it has full of scratches already and its bracelet was totally busted.
Advance happy birthday to myself and hoping for more years to celebrate it with joy and happiness.


PBW: Amicah’s Birthday

Amicah is the daughter of my friend’s (Beth) sister (Ate Mae). We have witnessed almost every important occasions of Ate Mae and Kuya Jeff’s life. 
From Ate Mae and Kuya Jeff’s wedding,
bridesmaids @ Tagaytay Highlands
 when Amicah came out and on her baptism,
Amicah’s Christening
and yesterday as it was Amicah’s first birthday:
Yesterday was really a fun-filled day celebrating Mic-mic’s first birthday. There were games and prizes, clowns with their balloon and magic tricks, dancing Susie spaghetti (the mascot) and of course Shakey’s food served before us.
We just missed a person here, and it was dhang. It was the first time she wasn’t able to join us as she is now based in Dubai.
Hope we can get together as soon as she comes back.