Points to Consider in Blog and Website Creation

1) Choose a title for your blog

Picking a name for your blog is like choosing a name for your baby or for your pet. It is important that it has personal relevance so it will be equally significant to other things that you own and care for. Base your blog on your personal interests. Your blog must be something that you can expand and develop according to your personal well being simply because you really have a heart for it. Think of a catchy name, something that is short and easy to remember. Consider your target audience.

2) Select a platform.

There are a lot of free platform to choose for your blog. Look for one that is user-friendly so you can gain personal confidence in building your blog site. If you have existing blogging friends then you may also want to solicit their opinion to help you decide on which one fits you better.

3) Purchase a domain.

To fully personalize your blog and website, it is recommended to have your own domain. There are a lot of on-line stores offering domains at an affordable price. You can choose from different domain extensions other than the usual “.com” but make sure to check the initial amount to be as well as the price of renewals. Some unique extensions have more costly renewal price than the ordinary ones.

4) Decide on your host.

When you got a domain you will need to have a host and it is up to you whether you will avail it from where you have set-up your blog or from the domain provider or from an independent hosting services supplier.

5) Install your blog.

When you have chosen about the title, selected the platform, purchased your domain and decided on your host you may now have your blog installed. If you’re a novice blogger and you might have difficulty in doing so, you may ask your hosting service provider if they can do the thing for you. Once you already have the username and password you can now start sharing your thoughts and writing your piece.

6) Add a theme.

After everything has been set, this is the fun part of finally creating your website – adding the theme of your choice. You can also ask a website developer to create one from the designs you that you have in mind.

Now you can start displaying your personal website you can be proud of. Don’t forget to promote your blogs in the social media by posting the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on your timeline.

You may also would like to attend something like a Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program to help you better on your website development.

If you are thinking of ways to earn further on-line or become a virtual assistant you may want to visit Rakethub.com which will give you more tips in doing so.

Need to Earn More from Blogging

Lately, I’ve been trying to intensify my blog earning capability. Registering on different on-line possibilities. But I do think I am not yet equipped with those necessary skills in doing so. There are a lot of blogging terms I do not know and because of this I cannot execute some of the things being required in order to increase the page rank and all that. I also discovered that some of the tools being used asks for a fee and so this really calls for an investment. I wish I have enough balance in my fund so I can proceed but since I almost have nothing left on it I just have to wait until my existing provider gives me some assignments. Sad though. 🙁

Techie Blog Coming Soon

I am planning to reactivate one of my blogs which concentrates on new technology and gadgets. I am trying to share just about any latest developments be it on analog or digital world. Mobile gadgets, appliances and even some personal collections such as tag heuer aquaracer can be a subject of each and every article. I guess it will be more in demand than the rest as a lot of people are basically interested just about anything that is new and on trend. It can also talk about on-line stuffs, social and gaming networks, net selling and a lot more. I just hope it can be accepted in the earliest possible time.

Thousand Comments

It is indeed surprising to see the number of comments awaiting moderation in my WordPress dashboard which has a total of more than 1,000. It is very unusual and alarming at the same time. I know this patronage of my site is not genuine. It is a risk instead because it only means that a lot of hackers are trying to attack my site. Good thing I have an effective plug-in that blocks and filters these unlikely comments.

More Assignments

Unlike any student in a school or an employee in an office bloggers look forward and pray for more assignments, simply because without the assignments we will not be able to earn from our craft. It is our passion to write and share our thoughts but we are even happier that we are able to help our family because of this enthusiasm. It is as if two birds hit by a single stone – writing gives us pleasure and it is really good to note that we are being paid in it.

Becoming Desperate

Paid reviews

Lately, I am becoming desperate about finding advertisers for my blogs as I really want to earn more. Continuously searching, LinkFromBlog caught my attention and boost my interests. I know that for sure it will help me to get more clients who intend to advertise on blogs like mine and I hope to find success in here.Buy blog reviews

Saturday is my Blogging Day

Tomorrow is Saturday. Yuhoo!

Everyday I look forward to Saturday not because of anything but it’s just the best time for me to work on my passion – blogging.

Weekdays are for office tasks, Sunday is for my family and Saturday is for my blogs. I really would like to allocate longer time and effort on writing. This will be my lifetime companion. With or without pay I am going to write and share my thoughts as I just love doing it.





Blogging Plans

I have always been very vocal about my blogging activities but sometimes it gets me upset as I cannot do it as consistent as before.

Given the chance I would like to update all of my sites at least thrice a week but of course since I am also working I could not just get into blogging at anytime I want.

I just hope that my two new domains could be like this one, active and earning rank but I’ll surely work on that soon.

My New Domain Up And Running

Finally, my new Emotera blog is now available for viewing. It has been transferred from its old platform and I have consequently changed its appearance.

Don’t be disoriented by the sexy woman on its page, that isn’t me – I am sexier than her. Hihi! I won’t blame you if you don’t believe me but since it is intended to become a blog for Fashion and Beauty, expect some tips from me on how to keep yourselves fashionably beautiful everyday.

Please visit http://emotera.me. Thank you guys

Hectic Working Schedule

I am beginning to notice a big change in my schedule. Unlike before I now lack the time to explore the blogosphere though I am still trying to keep updating my six existing blogs from time to time.

I can no longer join Memes and blog hops as I used to do basically because I am now rendering over time at work. Perhaps it has something to do with my familiarity about my job. Maybe it is because I am still in the period of adjustment.

I miss myself writing more. I miss myself thinking actively about some thoughts that I’d like to share. I miss blogging somehow.  =(