Wishing for Gadgets on my Birthday

I always say that I am a trying hard techie. No matter how much I love gadgets I just could not afford to possess each and every thing of them. I don’t even own something updated. All I have is an old iPhone, a lappy owned by the company and that is all.

Next month is gonna be my birth month and I was wishing for something like digital camera, Asus Tablet PC or an external hard drive (1TB) to save all of my personal stuffs like blog articles. Wishing there would be somebody generous enough to give me just any of these things mentioned. 🙁

BM: Blue Caps


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  • IMG_2407
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  • IMG_2409

These photos were taken last weekend during our near evening walks around the subdivision as one of our bonding moments.

My son and I both wear blue caps. We decided to take pictures in front of our neighbor’s house.

Glad about how my son has shown his cuteness in the camera. =)

Smiling Sally

In Need of A Camera?

I am a sentimental type of person who loves to look at everything I have kept which reminds me of something, be it a stuff or anything I have held in reserve particularly those photos of events or some special occasions I have been part of.
I love to take pictures but never did I own any camera. I have been dreaming of one before but I was discouraged with the fast pace of technology thinking that I won’t be able to keep a model that’s updated as time goes on. So in order to capture special moments of an extraordinary situation, I have considered the idea of renting a camera instead.
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Not only that, accessories hire, Apple hire and studio hire are also part of the rental services that they offer. Have you tried availing services alike? You better try it and enjoy taking scenes which will soon remind you of those memorable and precious moments spent with your loved ones without worrying on how to get hold of an equipment of finest quality.
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