My Dream Car

I guess all of us is dreaming of having their own vehicle for the purpose of comfortable transportation. It might call for a big change of lifestyle but nowadays it is becoming more as a necessity – part of the basic life essentials.

Since, I have already availed of a housing loan lately I am now thinking of having my own car. It doesn’t have to be brand new but I want it to be in style influenced by my personal preference. I would probably avail of a bodykit modification which includes changing its front and rear bumper as well as its side skirts. I want it accessorized with something that would best fit my personality to make it more appealing. Of course, I would also want it applied with my favorite shade of green.

Haha! It’s fun dreaming awake but I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s free anyways. But obviously my dream of having a car isn’t. Bodykits are just around the corner. Perhaps, what I must do for now is to think about my budget first along with the planning of the make and model of the car I would get hold of. Hmmn… it’s making me a bit excited.