Certified Bookkeeper

Sorry for bragging about this but I am just so happy and grateful about the result of the certification program I have attended. I did not expect to pass the test though I have prayed hard for it really. I know I did my best and even sacrificed some things for it. Four of my Saturdays were spent in school. I gave up celebrating my birthday through an out of town trip in Baguio, so I gave up the chance of riding a horse and using some horse equipment. I took a day off from work just as to study. I am just so glad that all of these things did not go to trash.Surprisingly, the grade that I have received is even more than what I have asked for.

Thank you to SE for giving me such opportunity as well as to my friends and family for the support they have given me. Above all, thanks be to GOD for the intellect HE has bestowed on me. I am now a Certified Bookkeeper.