Christmas Party Everywhere

It is thirteen (3) days before Christmas and indeed parties are everywhere. People are into listening, singing and dancing to a lot of Christmas melodies and some are even playing musicians friend acoustics for more intimate music. The days can no longer deny the season where gifts, fun and laughter can be found at anytime and any place. But then I hope to see similar sets of happy faces not just during parties, not just during Christmas but at every day of the year. Merry Christmas everyone and may this season gives us peace, joy and love all throughout our lifetime.

Preparation for Christmas 2014

It is few days before Christmas and a lot of people are busy preparing for the season. Some have started shopping for gifts even few months back to avoid the Christmas rush. This is actually a typical scene for girls but for all we know boys do prepare as well and some of them looked for geo f trumper products for themselves and as a gift items too. Christmas is indeed the season of the year. While we do make ourselves ready for the joy of the holidays, we must not forget that this day is a celebration of Love in remembrance of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christmas 2012

We may not have enough of food set on our table or even gifts under our Christmas Tree, at least we are together as one family during the Christmas eve. I think that’s the true spirit of Christmas. What is important is that we were able to prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas 2012 is simple yet very memorable for us and so now we are looking forward to preparing for the New Year 2013 even for 2014 Chinese New Year. Every occasion is worth celebrating. Every memories of fun and laughter are worth to be kept and remembered. Happy Holidays everyone!

2012 Christmas Shopping

Somehow I have started shopping for Christmas and this includes some gifts I can give to my cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts back in the province. As for my friends and office mates I was thinking of getting something like water polo gifts for them. I have also prepared some stuffs for my brothers and sisters. My husband gathered some of his unused clothes and I am starting to wrap them up and these things were intended for some of our relatives also sitting back in our hometown. I hope this could be something really helpful for them. It may not be expensive but just like the common notion “it’s the thought that counts”.

December 1st

Merry Christmas everyone, simply because December has started. It only means that we are a few days away from Christmas. For this year, I am not expecting a fully-loaded one but just a thing enough for celebration. Whether there are plenty of food on the table or just a few slices of bread what is important is on how we remember that birth of our Lord. Even without an item wrapped to open the greatest gift above all is the love that we can give to our family , friends, neighbors, colleagues and to the rest of the people around us.

Kris Kringle Ideas

Last Sunday night, we had our last minute shopping as I suddenly thought about our exchange gift which asks for something weird or bizarre. I had a hard time getting one as it was really hard to look for a thing especially if it requires to be within the budget. We went to the department store and I initially picked something black but not really weird in sense. Until I stopped in a small stall which sells custom made t-shirts. Indeed I got a very good idea from it. It can fit to almost every category in our Kris Kringle be it weird, funny, useful, solemn or wild just like those magical t shirts that can be purchased on line.

Christmas Tree

My son always wanted to have a Christmas tree for the holidays as he is seeing something alike from our neighbor’s house. More than just some decorative moss balls, there are a lot of things that we need in order to beautify our home. If only we have the budget to support all the things we need then I will certainly rearrange everything to make it a place really worth to stay for the holiday season, not just Christmas Tree but also those colorful lanterns and flickering Christmas lights. More than anybody else it is the kids who appreciate Christmas.

Family Games

Along with our simple Christmas celebration is a set of fun we have prepared ourselves. It was as if somebody has completed some sort of Room Director Jobs as we had a warm welcome and accommodated our relatives and visitors who joined us in our family games on the night of December 25. All of us enjoyed the event at home. We had our favorite games of “pinoy henyo” and charades for a prize. There were candies packed for the kids as well. Our aunt’s house was filled with fun and laughter that night and I am sure all of us went to the bed with a smile on our faces.

Christmas 2011

Christmas day had passed and we are very much grateful about it. We were very happy on how we had it celebrated. There were only three of us at home during Christmas eve and we never had any Noche Buena but I prepared something for our breakfast early on the 25th. I cooked spaghetti, fried some ham and had the bread ready along with the cheese spread. It is something simple yet happy. As I am always saying it is just a matter of choice. Even though how hard a situation you are in if you have chosen to be happy, surely you will be.

Four Days Before Christmas

Only a few nights of sleep is left and Christmas will set in. I just wish I am already prepared when it comes to the stuff and all. Just like a structured settlement, I have always wanted to celebrate Christmas as smooth and as organized as possible. I want my gifts grouped accordingly either by age or by the personality of my listed recipients. I want the menu ready as well and I prefer cooking them all by myself. For me it is such a great fulfillment seeing your loved ones happy with what you have set before them during the Christmas eve. There is approximately 90hours left for me to prepare and I just hope I can do it still.

Dozens of Godchildren

I have I guess more or less three dozens of Godchildren, more than half of them are girls and the rest are of course boys. For girls, I think it is a bit easy looking for the kind of gifts to be given to them as there are indeed vast selection everywhere. Boys I think are a little less appreciative than girls do so you really have to think of something they would really like. I have seen several designs of chinese yoyos and this is one those things I consider depending on their age and personality. If I would not be able to get anything for the others, I will have no choice but to hand them cash instead.

Saturday Shopping

Ate Thea and Coi-coi

Yesterday we did our very first Christmas shopping with my friend Jen and her daughter Thea. But it is not as extravagant as it may seem to be. I just bought a pair of Christmas outfit (denim pants and checkered cars polo) for my son coi-coi, dress for coi’s big sister, rubber slippers for my hubby and for myself and another tote bag for me. I guess nothing is more important than making the Kids happy. Christmas may not just be for them but the occasion will become happier with smile on their faces. I wish that we can celebrate Christmas more than just an ordinary day with the thought that this is the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.