Fake Censored

Oooopss… Censored as it may seem but not really. This photo was taken 8years ago. We just acted as if we were wearing nothing inside but the truth is we just put down the straps of our dresses and hid behind this blanket just as to look seductive. You think it’s effective? Hehe! This is my share for:

Friday Photo Flashback

Happy to be back here.


Thinking About My Personal Weight Reduction Program

With all those photos coming out from our college treasure bin lately, I came to the point of realizing how really big I have become. Comparing my size back then motivated me to think of my would be personal weight reduction program (wrp). I know it is not an instantaneous thing to set but I’d like it inexpensive or better not to cost me even a single penny.

Determined as I am I already started jogging around our subdivision every morning for about thirty minutes. But I guess that isn’t enough. I still have to match it up with a diet program. What if I eliminate rice from my everyday food intake? I ain’t sure if I can stand with it but my friends told me its effective.

My main target is to trim my big tummy, do I have to do some gym activities? Should I undergo an after-six diet program? Would it be advisable for me to take medications or at least cleansing tea to help me out? I am aware that reducing weight is such a tough thing to do aside from the fact that it really takes time. Perhaps it needs more of the attitude of perseverance and patience. I just hope I can do it.

JB & FPF: Beautiful Accountants

from top left - niko, dhang, momi apols, jhoie, t2 bam, beth; from bottom left - kat, anne (myself), may

Lately, my classmates have been posting various college pictures reminiscing those times when we were regarded as worst block. Hehe! I revisited my albums and found some of our group pics. I concentrated more on our JPIA-PLM Acquaintance Party (held at Dusit Hotel) when we were in our Senior years back in Year 2001-2002.

Obviously we are all accountants by profession and since we were in block section we have established our constant companions and has formed a group composed of 10 girls and 1 boy. Missing in the picture is a girl and a boy who were a couple back then and until now (happily married).

I remember we slept in one house (momi apol’s) and there we did the picture taking. It was evident from our smiles that we really had fun and of course the girls were considered and will remain to be


This would also be my share for:

Friday Photo Flashback

How I wish we can get back our body figures. sigh!

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