Pain on Lower Back

Last Friday, I had to render under time at work just as to be able to chase my OB-Gyne Doctor. At first what I have been experiencing has something to do with gastro and intestine issues but when I felt the pain on my lower back I thought of it as a different story.  I told a friend aboout it and she said that I probably have an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

When the doctor checked me up, she directed me to undergo a urinalysis. Almost everything turned out normal except for the findings of being acidic and a pus cells count which has somehow exceeded the normal of 4-5hpf. Then I realize that it is the pus which helps determine whether a person got the infection or not.

With that an antibiotic was given plus a vitamin which I had to take continuously for ten days. However, for faster remedy water therapy is highly recommended.

Few Tips to Conquer Temporary Impairment of the Senses Due to Cough and Colds

Yes, I feel like I am some kind of deaf, with no sense of taste and can hardly smell a thing. But at least I can still see the world and able to feel with my sense of touch. And this is due to the cough and cold which started to attack me two weeks ago. Imagine, it has been two weeks and that I would not want you to experience. So I am trying to give some tips if ever you unavoidably encounter this same case.

I. Prevention is better than cure so as much as possible try to avoid anything that can give you cough or colds.

  • Do not expose yourself to intensely cold environment even to an extremely hot temperature especially when you are not use to it. Changes in the humidity significantly affects the temperature of your body.
  • Do not let your sweat dried up on your back.
  • As much as  possible try to avoid people with cough and colds.
  • Make sure to wash your hands regularly so as not inhibit virus.

II- Once you are already into it,

  • Take basic medications for cough and colds depending on your bodily reactions.
  • If you think the medicines you have taken do not take effect then immediately consult your family doctor.
  • You can also try home remedies in support for the medicines you are taking.
  • Drink Calamansi Juice for your cough (alternative source of Vitamin C).
  • Boil hot water, put an amount of cold vaporising ointment (Vicks) and breath on its steam to resolve clogged nose and breathing problems.
  • Avoid sweets.
  • Do not drink cold refreshments.
  • Blow your mucus on a disposable cloth-like tissue (not the fibrous ones). Avoid reusing hanky.
  • Do not overdo on blowing as it may affect your ears.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Maintain (lukewarm) water theraphy.
  • Do not go out at night with your head uncovered.
  • Apply vaporising ointment before going to bed.
  • Obtain the right amount of sleep.
  • Take a good rest if possible.

Having cough and cold indeed brings you to a feeling of as if your senses are impaired. The hassles of being ashamed to face people also exists. You will really feel unwell even if you don’t have fever. It is such an uncomfy mood so I am wishing to feel better soon as I am already taking antibiotics (Cefuroxime), anti-Asthma (Salbutamol Carbocisteine) and Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) as prescribed by my doctor.