Since Lolo Left Us

It’s been twenty four years since lolo died. I can barely remember the remaining hours of his life when he asked me to visit him in the hospital. It was almost midnight then but my lola said that lolo is calling my name repeatedly so I went to see him not knowing that it was the last time and my last chance to see him alive and breathing. I did not stay in the hospital as there should only be one companion allowed per patient. Few minutes after I got home, we got a call telling us that lolo has left us.

It was one of the most painful days of my life. I was in grade five then so he will no longer see me graduating from elementary moreso from high school.

My lolo, he was the most strict man that I knew. He was that protective of me and now I realized why he has to do that. I even had this idea that it was from him that I got this strong personality,so as this loud voice which always sounds mad even if not really.

I don’t know how my life would have been with him around me as I grow up. I miss lolo, the kind of grand father who never fails to bring me home anything whether he wins or loses from his favorite cockfighting hobby.

I believe that you still watch over me lolo, you might be disappointed about that some points in my life but I’m sure from up there you will understand. Just letting you know that even decades have passed your memory remains in our hearts. We love you Lolo Jamin!

Paul Walker’s Death

This day marks the next tragic incident after Yolanda’s attack. The death of the Fast and the Furious superstar saddened the whole world. More so that he died after attending a charitable activity intended for the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan as it is named globally. At least he died at his best but still people are really frustrated especially that they are expecting for the coming of his next Fast and the Furious movie. And now almost everybody is guessing on how the story will be redirected. Whatever the outcome will be I just pray that PW will rest in peace.

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