Losing Interest

These past few days, I felt really down and losing interest over a lot of things. Suddenly I don’t feel going to work, suddenly I don’t want to play volleyball anymore, suddenly I just wanted to sleep all day. Clueless about what’s happening, I just feel burdensome and as if all blame is on me. Is it just a state of mind or it is a reality of life? Seems like I wanna escape on it. But of course I ain’t losing faith Above. Still I am thankful for all the blessings that I have especially for having a wonderful son.

Crying Lady

I never imagined that three days before my birthday I will be crying again. It was not an ordinary crying moment. It hurts me a lot that brought me into so much tears and sleepless night. I feel so much devastated thinking about what might happen next to an unsuccessful relationship. I know I should not just give up on this even though I would need to come to office wearing a kind of shades or just a cheap glasses to conceal my swollen eyes due to too much crying. I hope and pray that this depressing instance would soon pass.