Habagat is not a storm it is actually a southwest monsoon wind and this thing has brought so much of destruction recently to the Filipino people especially to those living in Luzon. It came with heavy rains along with flashing lightning and thunderstorms. I was some kind of frightened specially that we only have a thin window shield. With that I am thinking of looking for some curtains online which would fit the kind of windows that we have at home and of course something that is really thick enough to protect us from lightning sparks. I guess my problem is not as big as the rest of impacted Filipinos and I would like to extend my prayers for them.

Earth Hour – March 26, 2011

I would just like to share a memo issued on the above-subject as disseminated by our Environment, Health and Safety group in our company. This letter actually originated from Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On March 26, 2011 from 8:30 P.M. to 9:30 PM, the Philippines will join other countries around the world for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, business and governments around the world to take positive actions for the environment, and celebrating their commitment to the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour.

This year, Earth Hour invites people to go beyond one hour and take action all year long. Earth Hour 2011 asks people to commit to an action, big or small, that they will sustain for the future of our planet.

An online platform www.earthhour.org/beyondthehour has been established to capture and allow individuals, governments, and organizations across the globe to share their actions, and will act as the tool to showcase and inspire commitments to protect the planet.

In this regard, we encourage you or your organization to play an active and significant role in Earth Hour 2011 through the following ways:

  • Switch-off non essential lights from 8:30 to 9:30 PM on Saturday, 26 March 2011. For larger building, plan ahead with facilities and building managers to manage the logistics of switching off non-essential lighting including neon lights in and around your properties;
  • Register your business commitment on www.earthhour.org and share your on-going actions;
  • Encourage your staff, colleagues and their families to take part in Earth Hour 2011 and commit to on-going positive actions for the environment both in the workplace and at home;
  • Provide information about Earth Hour 2011 to partners, clients, suppliers and other organizations your business works with on a regular basis and let them know what your organization is doing to reduce its environment impact and ask them what they can do beyond the hour;
  • Communicate Earth Hour to your customers and encourage them to take part to Earth Hour 2011 and commit to an on-going actions that benefits the planet
  • Use various communication channels to promote Earth Hour 2011, including official websites, community newsletters and blogs.

I hope we could join this campaign as our contribution in sending the message to the world about the urgent need to address the climate change. We truly can make a difference.

Please keep the information flowing.