Terrible Experience at Porter Restaurant Bar

This blog does not actually intend to ruin the credibility of this bar but this should serve as an eye-opener for them.
Last Friday night after office, we decided to unwind. We have planned to go out for days already and we were so excited. Excited to have fun, relax and do some personal sharing. Prior to leaving the office, we came up to two choices, either here or there. Hehe! Kidding aside, it could either be Porter House or Q-Point. 
So the four (4) of us left, Usyo, Dante, Xyra and myself. We have chosen to go to Porter House since it will be closer along the way. We just rode on a public utility jeepney, encountered a bit of traffic until we get to Tejero intersection (Gen. Trias) where you can find the place. We were entertained by a bouncer at the entrance area and there we paid P50 entrance fee. Since there was this admission fee we expected a touch of class. We proceeded to the second floor and there we met the things that we have disputed.
We were actually the very first customers of the night. We asked if we can settle at the 3rd floor where nipa huts are situated  but we were not allowed. We had no choice but to occupy the second level. There we tried to choose the best spot but when we were about to take the seats we were told by the waiter “boss that couch is intended for customers with minimum of P1,500.00 order”. How come? Do we have to order stuff amounting that much at the very instance? 
Trying to control ourselves, we took the seat the waiter gave us instead. Believe it or not, we were seated as if we were in a PUV sitting side by side. A bit pissed-off we started to place our orders. We were offered with a promo full of limitations. Two buckets of a single variant of beer for a free “pulutan”? What if we like SML and SMSI and SMPP mixed? That can’t be. I had no plans of drinking alcoholic beverages that night as I still have colds and slight fever. When I ordered for a pineapple jiuce, it was not available, orange juice, not available as well. A lot of things were not available, so much irritated I drunk the strong ice and finish three of them in a matter of minutes. I also asked my companions to finish everything that they ordered and invited them to get out of that place. I can no longer bear the kind of service they have and I really have no plans of going back there. The service isn’t good, the price isn’t worth it, the place isn’t relaxing. 
So much have been said about the not so good experience at the Porter House we transferred to Q Point right after. There we found the things that we were looking for in contrast to what we’ve got at our first stop. We relaxed, had fun and stayed at Q Point till midnight. Sharing successful,at least we were able to release some of our emotions. Thanks to Tropang Utot for being such good buddies. Till next time. Hope we will be complete by then.

APC Swimming Getaway 2010

I guess it should have been entitled Summer Getaway instead only if it was done on the exact season. It may be a bit late but it is worth to be remembered. Thanks God for letting us enjoy the day. We had fun despite some petty challenges that we have encountered.
There were 24 buses rented for the event (including the spare). I was assigned to bus number 23 – the last bus to leave the office apart from the spare unit. We were initially instructed to leave by 6:20am but we left at already 7:30am. We were supposed to wait for ten (10) persons but only one (1) came.
Inside the bus are two (2) bus marshalls, one (1) first aider, one (1) security personnel, one (1) passenger, the driver and me as the Emergency Responsiveness Team (ERT) member. We were as if candies wobbling in a jar. We can sit anywhere we want, we can even lie down if we chose to as there were really lot of vacant seats.Imagine a 45-seater bus with only 7pax load including the driver. As we enjoyed the overflowing seats, we also took the liberty of getting the food allotted for 45 persons.
About 930am when we reached the venue. The place is nice and enough to accommodate our population except that we really can’t position ourselves so close to one another so the arrangement appeared to be by group per facility. We’re more than a thousand employees gathered there.
The program started with games, followed by bands playing (a band formed by employees and the one rented for additional entertainment), then a message from our General Manager. I guess the swimming started as soon as some of them arrived which was as early as 8am.
Lunch was set at around  11am. The food were abundant and teeming composed of Pork Adobo, Fresh Lumpia, Grilled Tilapia, Fresh Fruits and soft drinks. After eating, I decided to joined them swimming though I still don’t know who will be my constant companions. When I had my outfit changed, I was invited by the group of HR personnel to come with them. And so we did the swimming, tried almost all of the pools around including the lazy river. We also enjoyed the Giant slides though we were scared at first. We had fun until we decided to get up from water at around 2pm. After which we packed up, had our PM snacks and immediately led ourselves to our designated bus ready to go home. We left the venue at around 3pm. On our way home, only five (5) of us were left on bus 23 as the first aider and the other bus marshall went home earlier. Floppy as it is and feeling so tired we just sleep on our way except for the driver of course.
I got home by 5pm, done a little unpacking and fixing of my things and I proceeded to sleep.-Sleep until Sunday morning. 
I enjoyed the event but I think I will enjoy it most when my constant buddies are around. I missed the “tropang utot” last Saturday.

Here Comes the Rainy Days

After a long wait, the rain is now pouring. Gone are the sunny days which have brought series of sleepless nights to us (as we do not own air-conditioning unit at home). High temperature has finally gone down. Days of sweating suddenly disappeared. Yes, it is now rainy season in the Philippines. Scattered rain showers, heavy downpours, typhoon and storm visits are somehow anticipated. But I do hope those will not be as strong as “Milenyo” or as deadly as “Ondoy” as these two (2) super typhoons have left a mark in the Philippine history. I wish they will just pass in moderation leaving no harm to the people.
As of now, for the year 2010, we just had two (2) typhoons, the first one almost unfelt and the second one currently approaching named “Basyang”. Just this afternoon, I received an e-mail message from the head of our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee forwarding a weather forecast that’s the time when I learned about the current typhoon’s name. Good thing our area has been forecasted to experience a Storm Signal No. 1 which means there is not much of an impact expected to be experienced.

While I am aware of the consequences of excessive rains, let me just be excited about sleeping so well feeling the soft breeze that enters through our window as if gently caressing me and Macoi while we rest all throughout the quiet night.
But then again, I am also contemplating on what will happen to our scheduled company outing next weekend. Hope it won’t rain during that day. 😉