Moving on, Moving in

I have decided that we will be moving in another place regardless if we will be able to work things out or not. I hope it is as easy as operating a cool behringer xenyx x1204usb 12-channel mixer but it is not. More than just the money, time and effort it involves emotions. This could mean a huge adjustment but I guess this is the right thing to do – to resolve the issues and to avoid further conflicts. We may have gone through a lot of pain and hardships but these will not stop if nobody would give way to a change. We need to change ourselves, we need to change our ways. With or without each other, I know we can move on.

New Family Member


Just this morning I made an adoption, adoption I have been dreaming of for quite some time now. I am just so glad it came true during this last day of January.

I went to Baclaran just to buy this holy figure of baby Jesus – Sto. Nino. In less than two (2) hours, I was able to bring him home. Now Coi has his new baby brother and friend. Someone who may not be able to play with him but surely will pray with him.

I just hope that our home will be blessed and this we pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Bonding Moments

We need to take advantage of our time together as a family since tonight is gonna be the first of our last two nights together. Daddy will take the night shift again starting Monday. We waited for him to get home tonight so we can have our dinner together. After eating and further clean-up of the table and our body as well we went straight to the room and watch the last night of The Battles portion of The Voice of the Philippines. Moments like this including the tickles and laughter is simply priceless something you can treasure the most- bonding time, quality time with the family. =)