X-Men Weekend

I did insist hubby to stay at home aside from he was expecting somebody I just wanted to be home for the weekend. There are a lot of things to do to at home to make the day worthwhile for the family. And so we just decided to have some sort of movie marathon and X-Men have become our choice.
I wonder how it feels to be a mutant. What if the same school for the gifted youngsters exists in this world? Who might be the one to handle them? Could it be managed well to maintain peace and order?

Home Finally

Almost 12 midnight of September 30 we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This has made me feel relieved and happy knowing that I am finally home. Though it seems to be better to live in the United States, for me no matter how hard life may seems there is indeed no place like home. I still would want to grow old and die in the Philippines. There are a lot of things that I missed during my three weeks travel and I will take every opportunity to enjoy things here especially those moments with my family. I would love to eat galunggong again.

Sunday Mass & Sampaguita Garlands

photo credit to cache.daylife.com


I am so glad that we are now consistently attending Sunday Masses. For me it is a picture of a family at peace – with members who never fail to thank the Lord no matter what the situation is. It is a dream come true for me though we can not be considered a perfect family but at least we are engaged to doing some right things. After the mass, I never forget to buy a kind of jasmine flowers (Sampaguita Garlands) for me to offer to our tiny altar at home. I wish there will some sort of diptyque sale as well but more so I am wishing that this activity of ours will continue as days pass by.

Motorcycle Improvement

Last weekend we had one of our motorcycle’s tires replaced – the one in the back. Just the other day it was the rear shocks which were changed. The next thing that we are planning to do is to have new battery and headlights. We are also thinking of getting new sets of helmets. We want something like Solid Full Face Helmets like an Arai Corsair V. Maybe we should get four, one for dadi, one for me, one for coicoi and the other for ate faith. Once we have it then we can do a safe joy ride and I guess that would call for another family day.

Family Day Again

We are happy to have our family day again. We spent it in a mall where we have lunch at one of our kids’ favorite restaurants. They munched over a piece of chicken meal while my hubby and I preferred something different this time. After having lunch, we walked towards an amusement stall and there we played games. When we got tired and after losing some tokens we went toward a music store and there hubby started to play an organ. My son being very curious just about anything he was able to touch the Drumdial Drums. Good thing my hubby saw it and he was able to stop him from playing on such.

Friday SaLo-Salo

Have you had the chance to eat using banana leaves as your plate? Can you imagine a number of people eating all together in just one plate? Well, if you have not experienced it yet you will realized how fun-filled it would be most especially if you will do the eating with bare hands. It is highly recommended especially if you’re going to eat grilled fish with matching unripe mango with sauteed shrimp paste. Yum yum!

We did it during the Good Friday. Though it is ideal to fast or it should really be a fasting day we have at least lessen our way by doing it in a Filipino conventional way.

Family Games

Along with our simple Christmas celebration is a set of fun we have prepared ourselves. It was as if somebody has completed some sort of Room Director Jobs as we had a warm welcome and accommodated our relatives and visitors who joined us in our family games on the night of December 25. All of us enjoyed the event at home. We had our favorite games of “pinoy henyo” and charades for a prize. There were candies packed for the kids as well. Our aunt’s house was filled with fun and laughter that night and I am sure all of us went to the bed with a smile on our faces.