Colour Pop Lipstick Trend

It is one of the most talked about beauty lip applicator. I’ve been hearing it inside the nutrition center where I do Zumba. They said that just like how a music stand light helps a musician, it makes the lips look good and moisturized. Curious about how it could improve my facial features I asked for the price. At first, I wasn’t convinced until I encounter a cheaper offer from one of my office mates. Thru their Facebook page, I get to choose a color and I think it fits me well.

sorry for the overkill pouting

sorry for the overkill pouting

It’s the “Frick ‘N Frack” which is a rosy terracotta shade.

My New Domain Up And Running

Finally, my new Emotera blog is now available for viewing. It has been transferred from its old platform and I have consequently changed its appearance.

Don’t be disoriented by the sexy woman on its page, that isn’t me – I am sexier than her. Hihi! I won’t blame you if you don’t believe me but since it is intended to become a blog for Fashion and Beauty, expect some tips from me on how to keep yourselves fashionably beautiful everyday.

Please visit Thank you guys

Out Alone Tonight

Krab is out tonight but he is not actually alone. He is having good time with some of his friends and office mates. A thing he does not frequently do so I just let him enjoy even without me on his side. I just asked him to buy apidexin so I could try another approach to getting slim. Hope he will not forget it.

On the other hand, I am enjoying this chance to update my blogs at home even without my own internet connection but with my neighbor’s wifi access. Hihi! Thank you so much neighbor. It helps a lot.

Working in Momentum

Lately I have been attacked with a lot of tasks at work and it’s a good thing that I have got enough of motivation to do it. Aside from the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that guides me, I am inspired and have had the drive to continue working and even aiming to excel. I wish there’s some kind of momentum watches that can maintain and keep my force to do my job.

Despite pressures, I am loving my job and I like the exposure and knowledge it’s giving me. I thank God for giving me the kind of work that provides for my family’s needs.

Weight Loss Supplement

Just recently I have shared about me having thoughts of what’s going to be my personal weight reduction program. Until now I have not chosen yet what it could possibly be. I have received suggestions of taking weight loss supplement instead and was even told that there were no hydroxycut side effects heard and known so far. Since I look forward to a fast, safe and effective way to lose weight; I guess I should try it.

Who knows? The next time my friends will see me, it would seem as if I have not been off from their eyes for so long as I still possess the body figure I was once wearing.

Green in Me

I simply love green. It’s my favorite color. Any shade of green will do – apple green, moss green, military green, mint green, neon green, light green and so on and so forth. It’s the same way as I love nature. Just last night I have done a sort of make-over to my blog’s design. Have you noticed it? Maybe not that much, as the color hasn’t change from green to green still.

The only thing that made me more like it is the personally chosen color combination of greens. Hehe! And the background with which symbolizes myself – leaf.

I really cannot explain further why I love this color. It’s just that for me green is pleasing to the eye and it makes me feel calm.

I preferred green as well to some of my personal belongings except for my dresses which I only have a few as I feel like it doesn’t blend well to my skin’s complexion.

But anyways I just love green. I can even ride on green jokes sometimes – that’s the green minded me.

And I never though a Meme like this exist, and so I joined for the first time…

What to Wear on Fridays???

For the past few days of being offline I thought I have a lot to be written and  now I wonder why I ran out of topics.
For the reason that tomorrow is a Friday and wash day for us. I decided to write on choosing what to wear in days like this.
For employees who need to be in uniforms regularly, Friday is the only chance for them to show their “fashionista” (people with passion for fashion) images. They tend to dress up more like a movie or TV actors and actresses as how we usually tease our friends.
Well, it is basically alright to wear something of your best pick but make sure not to exaggerate your looks. Try not to be perceived as an attention-seeker. Do not overstress yourself to caught people’s attention. There are only two (2) outcomes about it, either you will be praised with respect or you will be the icon of embarrassment.
Show off the real you in the simplest term. Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you are beautiful inside and out you need not be dressed like a queen or king to be noticed.
Put on something you can pleasantly carry with comfort and ease. And above all, do not divert from the dress code that your company implements. Though on your casual look, strive still to be professional in your thoughts, words and deeds.
photo from the internet

First Time "Facial Services" Experience

I ain’t vain and have never been so vain about myself.Though I guess I have complete make-ups and accessories but I don’t usually use them. It was really the first time  I ever allowed somebody to invade my face this deep. When I was in the city where a lot of beauty salons are scattered around and almost every corner, I haven’t been tempted to go for something like this. Only the “Tropang Utot” did encourage me so far.
With the intention to belong(as I don’t wanna left outside just waiting) and with sense of curiosity I tried the “facial cleaning with laser and vacuum plus whitening soft mask”. I even felt so excited about it when we entered the room. Expecting to be really pampered, the procedure began. I will share with you the process as I’ve experienced it (hope I remember them so well).
Let’s Face It, I am not beautiful to be your model but I have to show my pictures.
 Photo taken before the service was rendered.
I – Cleansing and Applying Cream
  The feeling was great as the cleansing happens. It’s as if cleaning your face of a cotton ball with your won facial cleanser applied with a cream that’s so cold which refreshes your face.
  See the cream? Sorry I haven’t got the guts to ask what kind of cream was that.
II – Steaming
Putting hairnet back prior to steaming
After some series of scrubbing, brushing and etc (I haven’t noticed all the deeds as my eyes were closed most of the time) the beautician (is it the proper term to use?) put me under the steaming machine for I think 5mins or so. 
III – Pricking
 This was the most unforgettable stage of all. It hurts a  lot. I can’t help myself but to keep my breath on this. With lips bitten my tears fell down to my cheeks going to my ears. Good thing she put cottons in each. It is as if hundreds of tiny pinches being done to my face with full concentration on my nose that really made me cry. Huhuhu! It wasn’t pampering anymore.
I still manage to smile despite the pain
IV – Putting on the Whitening Soft Mask (Hoping this really whiten my face. Hehe! )
After the the throbbing step, she wiped my face with a damp cloth, put a thin cloth-like thing and applied the mask on top. She left this stuff to my face for around 20mins.
V- Final Cleansing
Then the clock alarmed as a signal that the allotted time has lapsed and so she did the final cleansing. She uncovered my face and removed the mask completely .
What can you say? So it’s time for some wacky poses.
 Seeing any difference?
 Photo taken right after the procedure.
Dare to compare from the first one.
I just love the thought of first time experiencing a beauty regime most women do though it hurts.
Will try more next time.Thanks folks!

A Bag for All Occasion

These are my bags… bags left here with me as others were already given away. I was a certified bag addict then and I no longer am this time.

None among them was my favorite.

This is actually my constant companion these days. A pouch I use in the office and every where I go. As if my bag for all occasions.

I just found it underneath our TV rack containing wires, connector jacks and adapters. Full of dust I washed it and started to use it for office since my first day at my current employer. Lately when I found out that it was just a good deal in a boutique where my cousin bought his pants and shirt.

I used to carry huge bags with me which almost contains our house but I guess there’s no need for me to do that again as I am 14mins (on the average) away from home. And even though there’s a necessity to take big baggage, such as during outing and sports events to attend to, this pouch will still be put in.

What’s inside this petite luggage?
1)    Beauty stuffs – make-up and hair accessories (this pouch acts as my vanity kit too…)
2)   Bills
3)   Mobile phones  (including my iPhone which I used as my camera), headset and chargers
4)   Coin purse and card holder
5)   Ballpens
6)   Fem pad
7)   Meds
8)   Flash disk
9)   Eyeglasses, and my
10)Rosary which I always carry with me.

Ever wonder how these things fit in? Well, they do. 

Looking full packed? Actually there’s still a space.

Oops, I forgot to include my fave scent – Clinique Happy.
There you go. Belongings complete and ready for the day’s battle.

Mine’s not a wallet really…

This is actually my first  time to share with Niko’s GT. I’m giving it a pretty try. wink!
I don’t use a regular wallet really so I don’t have a wallet perfectly defined to be shown.
I just use a coin purse – a sentimental one. Maybe not just for me but also to Niko. Hihi!
It was actually a result of an exchange among Niko, me and beth – one of our college buddies too.
It is a purple pink coin purse now comes with a chain given by my current boss which came from Guam and a key for my office drawer.
What’s inside? Obviously coins. The usual and the unusual currency we’re using in our office – our meal stubs. 
The colored ones represent the coins for change and the white  ones are worth P50 each. This is part of the employee benefits of our company.
Seeing something other than my coin purse? That’s my card holder which regularly comes with it. They are my “buddy stuffs” which can’t live without each other. Haha! 
Apparently, you’ll see cards in there but never a credit card as I don’t possess any. Don’t ask me why. I just preferred not to grab one. 😉
There’s nothing complex about my “so-so” wallet(s) but of course these are considered one of my valuables equivalent to a typical wallet.
Remember the purse Niko? I still have it and am using it everyday. Thanks again anyways.