Missin One of My Bestie

One of my best friends is away. Miles and miles away as she is now in New Zealand. I guess she’s been there for almost six months now. We are speaking to each other almost everyday but still I am missing her. I miss our nonsense laughing and sharing of childish emotions.

She knows me very well and she knows that I can not stand a cold temperature. One time she sent me a picture of her in a snowy mountain. I said it looks like very interesting but I think I am gonna die in there. With the climate at its freezing point it is very important to know where to get cozy winter stuff such as http://www.cozywinters.com/storage/. At cozywinter.com you would be able to find variety of things that will help you organize your winter sporting equipment like Skis and Snowboards other sporting items such as Skateboards / Longboards, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Fishing Rods, Bicycles, Golf Bags, Garden Tools, and even wine bottles.

Going back to my friend, I am not actually wishing for her to come back but instead I would want to join her in new Zealand even though it would be colder than I thought.

Wives Bonding

Today wives servants of Feast Bacoor are having their bonding moment somewhere in a city. I am supposed to join them but I am not feeling better today with my head aching I feel like I don’t have enough strength to travel that far and even extra finances to support the thing. I wish I am not this broke I wish I also have the capability to avail a novation launch pad. But I am hoping that I will be able to join them next time as I also miss having fun with friends. I am praying for their safe travel and fun filled activities.

Missing My Friends

We were supposed to meet up last week to celebrate our birthdays. Ours because it will be a one-time get together intended for our birthdays that passed for the year. Below are the dates:

Katrina – February 06
Dhalia – June 23
Maribeth – May 27
Mine – September 19
Leony – November 22
Jhoanna – December 03

Unlike before this year there were no celebrations that transpired. I was in the United States during my birthday. Dhalia and Katrina are also abroad. Beth and Jho are some kind of busy. Niko is currently having her third child in her womb. Sad cause I really miss them. I just wish one day we will be able to spare some time for ourselves.

First Time – Big Time

In our lives there is always gonna be a first time. No matter how surprising your first time experience may be it still depends on how you take things up. And this first time stuff of mine is something that I will never be ashamed of and I will definitely cherish and treasure until the end of my life.

Yes, I do admit that it is my first time:

– to go out of the Philippines, which of course includes a first time for me to ride an international plane, to experience pretty tiring connecting flights, for my passport to get stamped, to be interviewed by an immigration officer which I thought must be really scary but it seemed to be just fine, to taste some food served in a plane, to watch some movies and listen to music while up in the sky, to feel really anxious about traveling alone;

– to get into one of the most-liked continents of the world, to witness some luxury cars ordinarily rolling down the streets which, to see a city that’s clean and quiet, to be in a road where there few instances of public transport in a day, to sleep in a king-sized bed alone, to pee and all that without the aid of a water-dipper;

-to literally live alone for quite several number of days, to get along with people in which I seem to be a total stranger as they basically share the same nationality and to be trusted by them, to falsely turn all my hankies into red because of my nose bleeding everyday, to see an office cafeteria with more than ten microwave ovens around and with free overflowing popcorn every Friday for employees to enjoy, to practice living like a well-off citizen with all things available just around the corner;

– to live a thousand miles away from my son, to miss my loved-ones really knowing that I cannot hug them as much as I want, to experience a number of sleepless nights due to time zone adjustments, to act like totally oblivious just as to confirm things out, to worry from afar even though I knew that I cannot be in control of things back home.

No matter how I emerge like an ignorant individual, how some people laugh at how I act I just don’t really care for as long as I don’t offend them with my deeds. I would like to see this thing in a different perspective – that I am lucky enough because not all people are given the same opportunity as what I enjoy now.

I really appreciate this occasion of my life especially my first time experience of attending a Sunday mass in Vietnamese Language and I know more than just anybody it is our Lord who has been generous enough to bless me with something really unforgettable like this. I consider this as a special birthday gift for me now that I am turning thirty (30) and will actually be celebrating my birthday in actual fact away from home. And I will always be glad to brag about this first time experience of mine which I regard as big time indeed. Super thanks to all my friends who never fail to make me feel that I am not alone even when I am, them who always remind me to enjoy my stay and those who have been the living instruments to make this travel a one huge reality. Missing you guys this much – I’ll be back soon and that’s for sure. What’s important for me is that, beyond all of these things I love my life in the Philippines and it is simply irreplaceable.

Volleyball Leagues and New Friends

These past few weeks, my partner and I were very busy attending to some inter-community volleyball leagues. We get to know new set of friends with members all inclined to volleyball. They are fun to be with and we enjoy being with them as much as we do love to play the game. The girl’s team is dominant in fact they were able to win a championship game in one of the two entries that they had while they ended as a runner-up on the other. The boys on the other hand just took pleasure in the games that they played. It is great feeling to participate in an activity you really love to do but it is more fulfilling to know that you are able to gain friends from it.

Somebody to do your Laundry

Yesterday, April 22, 2012 marks the day of the grand opening of Lavanya Commercial Center. It is located afront Lavanya Subdivision where we currently reside.But the most notable thing about the opening is the introduction of my friend’s (an office mate of mine) business which will be named either Laundy Cruiser or Laundry City. By the name itself, it will be a laundry business where you can hand over your clothing but there will be some general merchandise along with it. I am sure it will be offered at an affordable price. Just sit back and relax while waiting for somebody to do the laundry for you. Will let you know more of its introductory offerings soon.


We are planning to watch the on-going International Pyrolympics competition in SM Mall of Asia on Saturday March 10, 2012. We have initially thought of taking my husband’s group of friends with us so it could be more exciting. I guess it would be better to take the kids too. I could imagine how they would enjoy watching the colorful fireworks release in the air as they dances along with the music playing out loud. Wow! I just wish this will come true. I am just pretty excited about it. πŸ™‚


Tomorrow is gonna be a feast day at one of our friends’ locale and we have been invited. At first we were hesitant to go as we were not sure if we have other commitments for that day. Finally, my husband decided to attend to it to give their high school friends a chance to be reunited. I am thinking of taking our son with us as more probably my husband’s friends have their kids with them as well. Along with it, I am planning to dress coi in streetwear. I know he will look good at it as he is some kind of a hip-hop in style. By the way, he is a good hip-hop dancer. πŸ™‚

A Friend Respects

It is really painful to have received words of dismay from a friend especially from whom you have considered very special to you. Someone who is almost your sister. I am gifted with a lot of friends, some of them may not be my constant companion but most of them are whom you can lean on.

It is just so frustrating to be hit by someone you do not expect. Friends are usually there to listen and to give advice especially to those who are in pain. Sometimes friends sympathize but friends are not suppose to give an order. A friend does not insist of anything he or she feels right about a problem. It is a basic character of a friend to show respect – respect about the feelings of a friend.

A friend is someone you can count on, not someone who counts every effort exerted to another. If you are not sure about the implication of the words you are going to utter better keep them to yourself and think further. Try putting yourself to your friend’s shoes but remember that you are not the same. Nobody is perfect, the world is neither perfect. Do not assume, ask instead. Things can be resolve when you talk it over. If you really want to avoid your friend then you can do it silently. You need not shout it out publicly just as to earn other people’s approval of your thoughts.

Time heals. I am sure things will get back to normal in His time, just learn to forgive and eventually forget.

Over a Year Ago

Over a year ago when I started to get close with somebody I thought friendly enough to consider as one true buddy. As day passes by, we continue to become really friends until we have been tested by the situation. She contradicts about a thing in my life, that I understood and I guess she’s right on that part. I fell one time, I am not sure if she really pulled me up or she just allow things to happen even if she has control.

It is just so frustrating knowing how you trusted a person and eventually realized that she has never been real enough especially when talking behind you. In cases alike, we must exercise some sort of precautions. Try to have a thorough checking before giving out your trust and that is something that I have learned and correspondingly proven by some people and the situation itself.