Surprise Inside the Huge Water Container

I feel more than I have been embraced with fur coats for women for the love that I felt when my husband surprised me last night. He invited me for a dinner but before we went out he asked me to change my clothes teasing me that I was being smelly. Hurriedly I went upstairs so worried that my office mates were able to smell me really bad in the shuttle service when I was on my way home. When I reached the top of the stairs I saw this huge container drum blocking my way and so I asked my husband if there has been any water interruption during the day when they had to accumulate and save water. When I tried to lift the container I found out that the cover did not fit and so it opened up. I was so surprised to see a bunch of flower with a note from my husband saying “Happy 25th Monthsary”. It was so sweet and something I really never thought about. When my husband knew that I already saw his present he shouted “come on, I am just joking, you need not change your dress coz you don’t really smell bad”. So we had our simpledinner in a mini specialty restaurant.