Missin One of My Bestie

One of my best friends is away. Miles and miles away as she is now in New Zealand. I guess she’s been there for almost six months now. We are speaking to each other almost everyday but still I am missing her. I miss our nonsense laughing and sharing of childish emotions.

She knows me very well and she knows that I can not stand a cold temperature. One time she sent me a picture of her in a snowy mountain. I said it looks like very interesting but I think I am gonna die in there. With the climate at its freezing point it is very important to know where to get cozy winter stuff such as http://www.cozywinters.com/storage/. At cozywinter.com you would be able to find variety of things that will help you organize your winter sporting equipment like Skis and Snowboards other sporting items such as Skateboards / Longboards, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Fishing Rods, Bicycles, Golf Bags, Garden Tools, and even wine bottles.

Going back to my friend, I am not actually wishing for her to come back but instead I would want to join her in new Zealand even though it would be colder than I thought.

Xbox 720

My cousin has always been making my son envy of his Xbox video game console and so my son is always persuading me to buy him one. Good thing there is this one site which is helping me to decide. I have learned of the Xbox 720 and its detailed specifications. Xbox 720 has been given with a codename “Durango”. Its processor is expected to have four cores which is further subdivided into four logical cores. It will be released with Blu-Ray Disc drive for better graphical presentation and an SSD memory storage. This Xbox 720 is anticipated to be released on November 30, 2012.

Souvenir Gadget

I was long dreaming of possessing an external hard drive to save the tons of photos and music I have with me. And this was the very first thing that came to my mind when I thought of a souvenir gadget from my US travel aside from those custom computers. I am very happy that I was able to get hold of it right after my second day of work in Costa Mesa. We went to best buy store and grabbed a 1 terabyte Toshiba external hard drive. It is a black one equipped with 3.0 USB. I consider it as a birthday gift for myself.

Rovio to Launch a Game from the Piggies’ Point of View

That is correct, after several Angry Birds versions (Angry Birds Space being the latest release this year), including online ones, Rovio is about to launch a game that is just based on the Bird’s archenemies, the Bad Piggies.

to be fair, Bad Piggies is not an Angry Birs spin-off at all, since there’s no slingshot included neither you have to crush objects to pass the level

Yesterday, Yahoo Games manage nabbed the first footage that shows the gameplay. This time, you must create a vehicle with the different parts you are given at the beginning of each level and then manage to control your creation through the level until it reaches the goal in one piece (or just having lost a few along the way)

I’m pretty sure this game will do great, since any Angry Bird fan will feel it like it still has elements from Rovio’s greatest hit but with the right twist to not get the exact same gameplay.

Bad Piggies is Scheduled to launch on Septermber 27th, and initially, will only be available for iOS, Mac and Android users. Check out the gameplay in the video below.

By the way, if you are having a hard time getting 3 stars on any level of Angry Birds, you will find all 3 star video walkthroughs in www.angrybirdsjournal.com

Happy Birthday Meia Girl!

the birthday girl

Meia is for May but moreso just hearing about her name you will instantly think about business. She’s the most business minded person I have ever met so far. You will admire her because of her ability and determination to provide for her family sometimes even more than her partner does. She is generous and very open minded about life. There are instances of feeling tired but that does not stop her from being dedicated just about anything.

Despite being very busy, I can say that she’s a badminton addict nowadays who even go out of town tournaments. While she is able to avail playbook buy some gadgets because she earns for herself, she is not the materialistic type of girl. Meia is indeed a wonderful woman, mother, daughter, niece, grand daughter, co-worker and friend.

Girl, I believe in your capability to survive the challenges of life. May all your dreams comes true. Happy Birthday! Mwah!

Mother’s Day Gift

I am not a gadget lover. You simply cannot rely on me in buying those electronic equipments unless it is a gift. Speaking of gifts, there’s this another surprising stuff given by my husband for Mother’s Day. A kind of stereo headphones manufactured by Philips (SHP2000). I guess it was especially designed for women as it is illustrated by its packaging. Compatible for personal computer and even television, this thing is lightweight and comfortable. It has fully adjustable headband and ear shells which provide excellent fit.

Thank you so much dadi. You have succesfully surprised me once more. With or without something like this, I love you.

House Renovation Deferred

Whether I like it or not, my plan of having even a plain house renovation in the coming month will not push through. It has been greatly affected by the bonus that I got just recently. I thought it would be like last year which was not that huge but has at least supported me on getting our dirty kitchen completed but I just got frustrated about it. But of course I should not stop on this, instead I should work harder to be in better working position or maybe I could just improve my blogging habit to earn some more.

This time I am thinking about the price of playbook instead. I guess it will require a smaller budget which we can afford. 🙂

Wishing for Gadgets on my Birthday

I always say that I am a trying hard techie. No matter how much I love gadgets I just could not afford to possess each and every thing of them. I don’t even own something updated. All I have is an old iPhone, a lappy owned by the company and that is all.

Next month is gonna be my birth month and I was wishing for something like digital camera, Asus Tablet PC or an external hard drive (1TB) to save all of my personal stuffs like blog articles. Wishing there would be somebody generous enough to give me just any of these things mentioned. 🙁

GT: Trying Hard Techie

I have always regarded myself as a TH Techie. I would love to own gadgets but I am hesitant about the costs. Never I did buy a brand new mobile phone for myself. Most of the time I am just being obliged to pay for my relative’s existing phones as they need cash.

The only gadget I have which is very useful for me is my 8GB iPhone. I guess it was one of those first release units bearing a Model number MB046LL. It may be old as it seems but I am still contented about it.

Due to my frustration on techie things, early last year I made myself a blog entitled Trying Hard Techie which you may also want to visit and follow. Hihi!

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