Happy Birthday Meia Girl!

the birthday girl

Meia is for May but moreso just hearing about her name you will instantly think about business. She’s the most business minded person I have ever met so far. You will admire her because of her ability and determination to provide for her family sometimes even more than her partner does. She is generous and very open minded about life. There are instances of feeling tired but that does not stop her from being dedicated just about anything.

Despite being very busy, I can say that she’s a badminton addict nowadays who even go out of town tournaments. While she is able to avail playbook buy some gadgets because she earns for herself, she is not the materialistic type of girl. Meia is indeed a wonderful woman, mother, daughter, niece, grand daughter, co-worker and friend.

Girl, I believe in your capability to survive the challenges of life. May all your dreams comes true. Happy Birthday! Mwah!

House Renovation Deferred

Whether I like it or not, my plan of having even a plain house renovation in the coming month will not push through. It has been greatly affected by the bonus that I got just recently. I thought it would be like last year which was not that huge but has at least supported me on getting our dirty kitchen completed but I just got frustrated about it. But of course I should not stop on this, instead I should work harder to be in better working position or maybe I could just improve my blogging habit to earn some more.

This time I am thinking about the price of playbook instead. I guess it will require a smaller budget which we can afford. πŸ™‚