I just learned to play mahjong and realized that other than gambling in sense, it is a game of mind. Mind because you need your brain to function in doing so. How? Not that you need to be a fortune teller but you should know how to read the characters. Each block is consists of four similar kinds in which you would need either create three to four of each or 3 consecutive numbers from each set of characters. The three main kinds are the sticks, balls and the Chinese characters. The rest is composing the flowers.

You can pick from any players anytime they throw a character matching two of yours or from the one on your left should it be something that would complete your series. Winning depends on how you arranged the blocks further. It could be thorough assembling seven pairs and one combination of three similar block or series of the same characters. It could also be on having five sets of the latter and one pair of similar character.

Apart from it being a game of mind it is also something that would test your patience; patience in waiting for the last block that will complete your set to win.


I have known domino since I was young. I remember I was playing with my grandfather then. It is a game of completing the sequence by putting on the same half of the dice either on both edges. And here is where I realized what the phrase “domino effect” means. It is a continuous impact in sequence.

At this point I was able to teach my five year old son on how to play the same and he is very smart to learn that fast. The only technique about it is on how you will be able to block your opponent giving him no choice but to pass a certain round because he or she has nothing to put in next.

However, now that I am old enough; I learned that this can also be a form of gambling and this is the point which I will not put any emphasis of it to my son. Domino should only be a form of game and recreation in his eyes.

Next time I’ll introduce him to something like pearl drum sets prices at musician’s friend to see if he has that inclination to music.

Better Luck Next Time

We were the defending champion of the league and we didn’t expect that Saturday would be our last game to play. We have been defeated by our former opponent composed of far younger generations. Admittedly, they are good enough. They have these strong defensive skills in playing the volleyball. Maybe we have also appeared too confident and complacent during the game. What lacks us even more is the team effort – there wasn’t any noise in playing, there was not much of encouragement for each and every team mates, rotation of players has not been executed very well and most of all there was not even a single practice that we’ve done. With that it is an acceptable fact that we will not be able to get through the finals.

Xbox 720

My cousin has always been making my son envy of his Xbox video game console and so my son is always persuading me to buy him one. Good thing there is this one site which is helping me to decide. I have learned of the Xbox 720 and its detailed specifications. Xbox 720 has been given with a codename “Durango”. Its processor is expected to have four cores which is further subdivided into four logical cores. It will be released with Blu-Ray Disc drive for better graphical presentation and an SSD memory storage. This Xbox 720 is anticipated to be released on November 30, 2012.

Rovio to Launch a Game from the Piggies’ Point of View

That is correct, after several Angry Birds versions (Angry Birds Space being the latest release this year), including online ones, Rovio is about to launch a game that is just based on the Bird’s archenemies, the Bad Piggies.

to be fair, Bad Piggies is not an Angry Birs spin-off at all, since there’s no slingshot included neither you have to crush objects to pass the level

Yesterday, Yahoo Games manage nabbed the first footage that shows the gameplay. This time, you must create a vehicle with the different parts you are given at the beginning of each level and then manage to control your creation through the level until it reaches the goal in one piece (or just having lost a few along the way)

I’m pretty sure this game will do great, since any Angry Bird fan will feel it like it still has elements from Rovio’s greatest hit but with the right twist to not get the exact same gameplay.

Bad Piggies is Scheduled to launch on Septermber 27th, and initially, will only be available for iOS, Mac and Android users. Check out the gameplay in the video below.

By the way, if you are having a hard time getting 3 stars on any level of Angry Birds, you will find all 3 star video walkthroughs in