I have known domino since I was young. I remember I was playing with my grandfather then. It is a game of completing the sequence by putting on the same half of the dice either on both edges. And here is where I realized what the phrase “domino effect” means. It is a continuous impact in sequence.

At this point I was able to teach my five year old son on how to play the same and he is very smart to learn that fast. The only technique about it is on how you will be able to block your opponent giving him no choice but to pass a certain round because he or she has nothing to put in next.

However, now that I am old enough; I learned that this can also be a form of gambling and this is the point which I will not put any emphasis of it to my son. Domino should only be a form of game and recreation in his eyes.

Next time I’ll introduce him to something like pearl drum sets prices at musician’s friend to see if he has that inclination to music.