Precious Valentine Gifts

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Other than Christmas season expression of love is mostly seen during Valentine’s day. Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and a lot of stuffs are scattered everywhere making the Heart’s day even more special for those people who have a partner. But this day is not just for couple and for those with personal partner but for people who are remembered – remembered in the sense that because of how they get along anybody would love to give a thing for the purpose of recognition and appreciation.

However, if you have this great love for a person you usually would want to give not just a simple but an extravagant and precious gifts like those Joy Jewelers stackable rings something that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Spoiled GF

Just today I bumped into an old photo of mine with me holding a bunch of flowers four years ago. It was one of the most surprising days I ever had – our 25th month together. I remember the moment when I came home. I was about to change clothes then so I immediately went upstairs. When I reached the top, I wonder why our huge water container is blocking my way so I opened it up to see what’s in there. When I took of the the cover a bouquet of flower showed up with a note coming from my man saying Happy monthsary mami. I could say I was a spoiled girl and still I am up to this day.

Bike for Coi

Just the other day, my cousin’s wife sent me a text message asking me to start canvassing for macoi’s bicycle as this was their promise to my son for this Christmas. At first there was a condition for my son to become number one in class before he could be given a bike but they have decided to give it whether he is on top or not. I just wish we have a car to be installed with softride bike racks for his bike when it comes. I have requested my husband to start going to the bicycle stores and choose one that fits coi.

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2012 Christmas Shopping

Somehow I have started shopping for Christmas and this includes some gifts I can give to my cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts back in the province. As for my friends and office mates I was thinking of getting something like water polo gifts for them. I have also prepared some stuffs for my brothers and sisters. My husband gathered some of his unused clothes and I am starting to wrap them up and these things were intended for some of our relatives also sitting back in our hometown. I hope this could be something really helpful for them. It may not be expensive but just like the common notion “it’s the thought that counts”.

Mother’s Day Gift

I am not a gadget lover. You simply cannot rely on me in buying those electronic equipments unless it is a gift. Speaking of gifts, there’s this another surprising stuff given by my husband for Mother’s Day. A kind of stereo headphones manufactured by Philips (SHP2000). I guess it was especially designed for women as it is illustrated by its packaging. Compatible for personal computer and even television, this thing is lightweight and comfortable. It has fully adjustable headband and ear shells which provide excellent fit.

Thank you so much dadi. You have succesfully surprised me once more. With or without something like this, I love you.

Four Days Before Christmas

Only a few nights of sleep is left and Christmas will set in. I just wish I am already prepared when it comes to the stuff and all. Just like a structured settlement, I have always wanted to celebrate Christmas as smooth and as organized as possible. I want my gifts grouped accordingly either by age or by the personality of my listed recipients. I want the menu ready as well and I prefer cooking them all by myself. For me it is such a great fulfillment seeing your loved ones happy with what you have set before them during the Christmas eve. There is approximately 90hours left for me to prepare and I just hope I can do it still.

Dozens of Godchildren

I have I guess more or less three dozens of Godchildren, more than half of them are girls and the rest are of course boys. For girls, I think it is a bit easy looking for the kind of gifts to be given to them as there are indeed vast selection everywhere. Boys I think are a little less appreciative than girls do so you really have to think of something they would really like. I have seen several designs of chinese yoyos and this is one those things I consider depending on their age and personality. If I would not be able to get anything for the others, I will have no choice but to hand them cash instead.

Christmas Plans

Like most people, I also have several plans for the coming Holiday Season. Aside from shopping for gifts and preparing for some Christmas activities I also have personal make-over plans. I have been dreaming of having my hair fixed with colors and a new hairdo that would give me new look. I also want to try some eyelash growth products to add something noticeable in my face. I also would want to attend to the underarm whitening service I bought from on-line deals. I indeed have a lot of plans for Christmas as I want to celebrate it in a way that is memorable enough for me.

Surprise Our Dad

Daddies are most of the time not the showy type so we do not usually expect anything from them and when they do something really unanticipated it is like a big surprise.

Fathers provide for the family and sometimes we need to show some appreciation on his effort of giving us the best based on his responsibility and capability. We can find great gifts for Dad at Personal Creations, something worth remembering, something worth to be kept or to be used in everyday life. There are actually a lot of items to choose from.

Even if there’s no occasion to celebrate let’s return to him the favor he’s been doing to us from the time we were born.




Thanks for the Combos

I just would like show my appreciation to a friend who has given me something to munch on (though it’s actually intended for my son).

Thanks Kaye for the Pepperoni Pizza flavored Combos. I was aware that you have something important and some sort of emergency issues to settle that’s why you came earlier than expected but then you still managed to be thoughtful enough carrying and giving me this.I know you will gone through all of the problems you are facing right now. Just keep the faith and everything will just pass. Take care as always.

I hope you will still enjoy your short stay here in the country somehow.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I am a Catholic. I do believe in the Holy Sacraments of the church. I remember during our elementary years, we were on grade six then if I am not mistaken; my classmates had the chance to be confirmed. Obviously, I did not join them. My grandmother did not allow me to not because she doesn’t believe on it but it’s about financial difficulty. We don’t have the amount required that time.

It was only three years ago after I gave birth to my son when I finally decided to have myself confirmed. And I guess I have made the right decision not only that I was able to receive a kind of personalized confirmation gifts but most specially that I have been blessed again and this time by the hands of a bishop.

I believe what’s important about having been confirmed is the ability for a person to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A Gift For Myself

Isn’t it obvious that I am so excited for my birthday to come? Maybe. Almost every year I see to it that I reward myself of something special during my birthday. It may not necessarily be an expensive item. Enough that I just thought of having something I can treasure and look back after all (oh, my poor necklace… hope to get you back soon).
This time I decided to get hold of  a wristwatch, a stuff I’ve been dreaming for so long. The last time I bought one was 4 years ago I think, though it still functions until now but it has full of scratches already and its bracelet was totally busted.
Advance happy birthday to myself and hoping for more years to celebrate it with joy and happiness.