2012 Christmas Shopping

Somehow I have started shopping for Christmas and this includes some gifts I can give to my cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts back in the province. As for my friends and office mates I was thinking of getting something like water polo gifts for them. I have also prepared some stuffs for my brothers and sisters. My husband gathered some of his unused clothes and I am starting to wrap them up and these things were intended for some of our relatives also sitting back in our hometown. I hope this could be something really helpful for them. It may not be expensive but just like the common notion “it’s the thought that counts”.

Questions for this Coming Holiday Season

Along with the expected long rest from work are the questions in our mind if we will be able to get the benefits or privileges that we usually get. When are we be able to get our 13th month pay? Are we still eligible for some sort of mom gift baskets or employee Christmas package? When should we receive other cash conversions? Would there be Christmas party still? Should we expect for some sort of bonus? All these were left unanswered, but we are not losing hope and we still pray for the best to come as we should still celebrate a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.