2012 Christmas Shopping

Somehow I have started shopping for Christmas and this includes some gifts I can give to my cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts back in the province. As for my friends and office mates I was thinking of getting something like water polo gifts for them. I have also prepared some stuffs for my brothers and sisters. My husband gathered some of his unused clothes and I am starting to wrap them up and these things were intended for some of our relatives also sitting back in our hometown. I hope this could be something really helpful for them. It may not be expensive but just like the common notion “it’s the thought that counts”.

Gift for the Holiday Season

I have been asked by my colleague if I know how to bake cakes and pastries. I did not reply that I don’t know how, instead I told her that I guess it will be easy only if I have the right set of equipment to be used such as the oven and other baking utensils. Things can be learned anyways.

Relative to baking I remember I was once told by one of my friends that Shari’s Berries cookies are awesome and she said that I should try and taste them. Come to think of it,  isn’t it a good gift suggestion for this coming holiday season? I supposed it will be just perfect.