God is good coz He did not allow our foreign business partners to spoil our rest days. It is with guilt somehow that we did not spend our everyday attending masses at the church but at least we were able to fulfill our planned activities.

Maundy Thursday – we did the Visita Iglesia. Good Friday we stayed at home and did some general cleaning as part of our sacrifice and in preparation to welcoming Jesus. We also had a movie marathon (The Bible) to at least be in accord with the Lenten Season. Black Saturday we did the laundry. Easter Sunday, we attended the Grand Easter Feast at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena and when we got home we had our Niño washed and changed His clothes for the first time; we even prepared nachos and dips as part of our Easter celebration.

A Big Change

It’s been almost four years since I embraced a new life and accepted the fact of becoming a mother. Within that period, I’ve transferred to two employers, got myself a housing loan, gave birth to my son and started to act more different than when I was still single.

In that same span of time, I lived with few of my relatives. Now, I guess this is but another challenge to face. I now have to live more freely. Not that I am thankful about it but I never really asked for things to come up this way.

This time I would have no choice but to stand with it and welcome a big change of lifestyle once more.

Tears of Joy – God is Good All the Time

Can’t stop my tears to fall, I can’t explain how I really feel about the blessings God has given today.  There’s early morning good news for me and my boss. Just last night when we were praying for us to win in our bet for the PBA ending of 4-0, Boss has planned to where and to whom he’s going to spend the winnings just in case-all in good intentions (for mommy, for baby girl, for a friend in need). As we embraced each other we put our trust in the Lord as we really have no other resources as of the moment.
I was trying to remember yesterday all those delicious food that we have eaten together when we were starting, I told him I miss the spicy chicken wings in a restaurant, I miss the twisted fries in a stall in the mall, I miss a lot but we have no penny to spend for such cravings.
When I reached office just a few minutes back, Boss called and told me that God has answered our prayer. It is such a joy for us, not just because of the money but for the sense of relief it could give knowing that we will be able to help people more than ourselves.
I am writing this post to proclaim the goodness of the Lord despite us being a sinner. He knows exactly our purpose. He knows our intention. He answers our prayer because we deserve it.
This is not a testimony that God allows gambling, it is just an evidence of grace – just pray with a pure heart.