Sluggish Process of Securing Government IDs

Due to contract termination of some government service provider the process of securing some of the Philippine Government IDs (Identification) such as SSS (Social Security System) and NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) have also changed accordingly and these changes have taken the negative effects.

Of course nothing is new with the long dragging lines on the above-mentioned government offices everyday. However, complaints are obviously getting longer as well. I would probably understand if the cards that they issue have some kind of an rfid thing but apparently these do not exist yet. One day processing of NBI clearances have gone to two (even no longer recognizing renewal process) and the one month release of SSS have gotten to six months of processing.

Everyday we expect for progress and development on the kind of government that we have through those people we have elected but sad to say some things are getting even worse. Wake up officials! Look for ways to improve our government processes.