GT: Not an Internet Slang

I must admit that I am no internet slang so I still had to google what does LSS mean. Glad it gave me an answer which perfectly matched to what I am looking for “Last Song Syndrome” and it was confirmed when I finally saw K’s post. Hehe!

Well, I am having a hard time thinking about a song which could be more like it for me. Now I’d like to deviate from my passion for OPM songs. More so that I don’t like to relate it to my relationship as I don’t want us (my hubby and I) to have something to consider as our last song. Sorry that I have regarded it this way.

Since it is still the month of March and the common event during this season is graduation so I am picking “Through The Years”. This song is indeed one of the most played during graduation rites where students can’t stop themselves from crying and eventually they would find them singing the song as they part ways with their class/batch mates.

It is a nice song of friendship and I bet you would agree with me.

This is my entry for this week’s: