What to Do on a Holiday


It was a holiday yesterday – a special day declared by the government for Eid’l Adha. While some of my office mates did attend to office to deliver some of their reports scheduled for that day, I just decided to stay at home and though of something else to do.

Below are the things which you may also check on doing:

1) Morning Exercise – to start my day with so much of positive energy, I went on dancing the zumba and sweat out.
2) Bonding with Kiddos – right after releasing stress doing that dancing routine I bonded with the kids, set them their meal while observing my diet. We even did it with our favorite pet.
3) Watching my Favorite Sports – staying at home doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to enjoy my favorite volleyball games, I did watch on TV the first out of the supposed three (3) games of Shakey’s V-League involving my favorite team Ateneo Lady Eagles against the National University Lady Bulldogs. It was one of the most exciting games ever, Lady Eagles did not win though.

These maybe were the most notable activities I have done which I am just happy about. How about you? What do you prefer to do during holidays?


I just realized that a lot of things were really affected by the disappointments I had brought about by the ever little windfall that I got. The mountain bike that we are planning to buy will have to remain as a dream this time. We planned for it because we would like to get hold of a healthy lifestyle biking once in a while or during most of our spare time. Sad that it will not push through but I am not losing hope about it; given the chance we will still avail of it soon. It will be a great help for us not just in terms of health but also in financial matters as we will be able to save a lot in the transportation expense in just a few steps in the bicycle pedal.

Work Out @ Home

I have done some exercises at home and I just realized how it feels really good working out. With all those sweats coming out of your body system you will really feel healthy about yourself.

I tried tae bo last night and I mixed it with jogging. I also did some abs work out this morning before I go to office. It was such a pleasant experience and a worthwhile activity to be considered.

Good thing I have got copies of different routine exercises. Hope to be in good shape soon. 🙂

Friday Weigh-In

Every Friday is the scheduled weigh-in of our FPA version of Biggest Loser. So tomorrow is going the be my first time with it. What should I expect? I guess I will be paying as when I tried to weigh myself yesterday I even gained a pound and a half. Whew! Maybe I should wish for the weighing scale to breakdown instead. Hihi! but it should be in a way that is favorable for me to win.

On the other hand, I should not be expecting anything so I will never be disappointed at all. No matter how I tried losing weight it just don’t happen to me. Sigh! 🙁

Biggest Loser – FPA Edition

I have been invited for another biggest loser edition but then it is now within a smaller group of people in our office. At first, I am hesitant to join but they were able to persuade me still. While I have been very much fascinated about apidextra cutomer reviews, I guess that is one of those things that motivated me. We started the weigh in and I am at 158.5lbs this time. We need to lose at least 3lbs till next Friday, March 16, 2011. So wish me luck again and I am hoping to win so I need not wish for my friends to get fat instead of me getting thin. 🙂

Need to Practice

While we’re waiting for our upcoming sportsfest, we feel the need for a practice. It’s been so long since we have played volleyball, badminton and even ping pong that we used to do during lunch breaks.

Our recreation area in the office has been removed to give way for the company expansion and that includes the ping pong table. We are hoping that one day an alternative spot would be alloted to be our new gaming space.

Taking one step at a time, we’ll start to practice volleyball next week for our outdoor sports. For the indoor, we still have to check for venues and even come up to a decision of choosing between badminton and table tennis or the so called ping pong.

Sportsfest 2011

I am looking forward to our next company sportsfest scheduled next month and I am thinking by now on which event should I join in.

Last year, I was part of the volleyball team for the outdoor category where we became the 2010 champions. For indoor, I joined the women’s doubles badminton where my me and my partner got the first runner-up place.

What’s unforgettable for me during the last year’s sportfest is the injury I had during our volleyball championship game where I fell when I tried to hit the ball. I was lucky still that I need not put on some kind of specially recommended donjoy knee sleeve.

For this year, I am expecting a more challenging sports competition and I just hope that everybody will enjoy and not anyone would encounter some serious injuries.

Out Alone Tonight

Krab is out tonight but he is not actually alone. He is having good time with some of his friends and office mates. A thing he does not frequently do so I just let him enjoy even without me on his side. I just asked him to buy apidexin so I could try another approach to getting slim. Hope he will not forget it.

On the other hand, I am enjoying this chance to update my blogs at home even without my own internet connection but with my neighbor’s wifi access. Hihi! Thank you so much neighbor. It helps a lot.

Pain on Lower Back

Last Friday, I had to render under time at work just as to be able to chase my OB-Gyne Doctor. At first what I have been experiencing has something to do with gastro and intestine issues but when I felt the pain on my lower back I thought of it as a different story.  I told a friend aboout it and she said that I probably have an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

When the doctor checked me up, she directed me to undergo a urinalysis. Almost everything turned out normal except for the findings of being acidic and a pus cells count which has somehow exceeded the normal of 4-5hpf. Then I realize that it is the pus which helps determine whether a person got the infection or not.

With that an antibiotic was given plus a vitamin which I had to take continuously for ten days. However, for faster remedy water therapy is highly recommended.

Get Ready for the Rainy Days

After an extremely hot summer comes the rainy season. Days where rain can bring us something inevitable for our health due to the change in weather condition.

At this point we were advised by the corporate clinic to have an anti-flu vaccine as part of our company initiated benefits. However, this is limited to employees only and I guess we need medicare supplement plans to include our loved ones in the coverage.

It is indeed difficult to fight against an illness especially if it involves our kids or those elderly in the family. We cannot just lay bets on our health and as the what the common saying connotes prevention is better than cure so we better get ready for the rainy days.

Alternative Way to Lose Weight

Relative to my thoughts on how to reduce weight, I was told by my friend of an alternative way to do so and that is buying wii gaming console. It may be expensive in a way but it could be used for a lot of purposes. It could be for fun and enjoyment of everyone in the family and for my weight reduction program as well. I just have to make sure of buying wii remotes and all other accessories to suffice my needs.Just like the 6-in-1 sport set, it will be as if I am playing ball games in actual. That could be a lot of fun indeed and I even need not go out of the house for such. I guess I have to save for this. hihi!

Weight Loss Supplement

Just recently I have shared about me having thoughts of what’s going to be my personal weight reduction program. Until now I have not chosen yet what it could possibly be. I have received suggestions of taking weight loss supplement instead and was even told that there were no hydroxycut side effects heard and known so far. Since I look forward to a fast, safe and effective way to lose weight; I guess I should try it.

Who knows? The next time my friends will see me, it would seem as if I have not been off from their eyes for so long as I still possess the body figure I was once wearing.