Friday SaLo-Salo

Have you had the chance to eat using banana leaves as your plate? Can you imagine a number of people eating all together in just one plate? Well, if you have not experienced it yet you will realized how fun-filled it would be most especially if you will do the eating with bare hands. It is highly recommended especially if you’re going to eat grilled fish with matching unripe mango with sauteed shrimp paste. Yum yum!

We did it during the Good Friday. Though it is ideal to fast or it should really be a fasting day we have at least lessen our way by doing it in a Filipino conventional way.

Holiday Work

It is just so unfortunate for us that the long holiday coincided with the peak season at work where in we cannot just ignore those tasks assigned to us as they were really significant to be executed – meaning a lot of report users rely on us. One of the issues that we had is that not all of us are being given with laptop so some would really need to come to office just as to act on their responsibility. We have been asking our Management Information Systems officers if we can loan some laptops just as for the holidays or can our personal laptops be temporarily be installed with some system applications needed to carry out our reports but then it is as if they have something like an ITIL which they strictly follow so we were not allowed to do either of the two choices. Due to that some of us really can’t work from home and it is so sad that we need to work in the office during the Holy Week.

Christmas 2011

Christmas day had passed and we are very much grateful about it. We were very happy on how we had it celebrated. There were only three of us at home during Christmas eve and we never had any Noche Buena but I prepared something for our breakfast early on the 25th. I cooked spaghetti, fried some ham and had the bread ready along with the cheese spread. It is something simple yet happy. As I am always saying it is just a matter of choice. Even though how hard a situation you are in if you have chosen to be happy, surely you will be.

Wednesday Holiday

I am just so glad that it’s a holiday today yet the better thing about it is just it falls on the day just after our pay day which obviousky means that I have enough budget to spend this time. So my plan includes going to the mall to pay for some of my bills such as mobile phone and other payables as well as to buy some stuffs I just have thought of buying plus those home necessities. I’ll take my son and his nanny with me so I can give them time to have fun and play.

Questions for this Coming Holiday Season

Along with the expected long rest from work are the questions in our mind if we will be able to get the benefits or privileges that we usually get. When are we be able to get our 13th month pay? Are we still eligible for some sort of mom gift baskets or employee Christmas package? When should we receive other cash conversions? Would there be Christmas party still? Should we expect for some sort of bonus? All these were left unanswered, but we are not losing hope and we still pray for the best to come as we should still celebrate a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.