God is good coz He did not allow our foreign business partners to spoil our rest days. It is with guilt somehow that we did not spend our everyday attending masses at the church but at least we were able to fulfill our planned activities.

Maundy Thursday – we did the Visita Iglesia. Good Friday we stayed at home and did some general cleaning as part of our sacrifice and in preparation to welcoming Jesus. We also had a movie marathon (The Bible) to at least be in accord with the Lenten Season. Black Saturday we did the laundry. Easter Sunday, we attended the Grand Easter Feast at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena and when we got home we had our Niño washed and changed His clothes for the first time; we even prepared nachos and dips as part of our Easter celebration.

Friday SaLo-Salo

Have you had the chance to eat using banana leaves as your plate? Can you imagine a number of people eating all together in just one plate? Well, if you have not experienced it yet you will realized how fun-filled it would be most especially if you will do the eating with bare hands. It is highly recommended especially if you’re going to eat grilled fish with matching unripe mango with sauteed shrimp paste. Yum yum!

We did it during the Good Friday. Though it is ideal to fast or it should really be a fasting day we have at least lessen our way by doing it in a Filipino conventional way.

Visita Iglesia 2012

Since last year, we have made a devotion to perform Visita Iglesia (Church Visit) every Maundy Thursday. So last April 5 we have decided to do it within nearby Cavite towns just the two of us. We started at Our Lady of Fatima in Binakayan, Kawit , Cavite. Afterwards, we headed to St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Poblacion, Kawit, Cavite. We proceeded to Holy Cross parish at Noveleta, Cavite then to Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite where we had our first coffee. Next to it was the Holy Cross Parish in Tanza, Cavite also known as the St. Augustine Church. We moved towards Resurrection Parish in Julugan but we found no station of the cross when we get there so we decided to go instead to the Sto. Rosario Parish in Amaya, Tanza. Our last stop is at Sta. Clara, Chuch in Malabon, Gen. Trias, Cavite. Tiring as it may seems but this was the simplest form of sacrifice that we did for the Holy Week.

Holiday Work

It is just so unfortunate for us that the long holiday coincided with the peak season at work where in we cannot just ignore those tasks assigned to us as they were really significant to be executed – meaning a lot of report users rely on us. One of the issues that we had is that not all of us are being given with laptop so some would really need to come to office just as to act on their responsibility. We have been asking our Management Information Systems officers if we can loan some laptops just as for the holidays or can our personal laptops be temporarily be installed with some system applications needed to carry out our reports but then it is as if they have something like an ITIL which they strictly follow so we were not allowed to do either of the two choices. Due to that some of us really can’t work from home and it is so sad that we need to work in the office during the Holy Week.