Water-based Aroma Scent

Last year I bought an air-freshener humidifier for less. It was on sale at a mall with a bottle of aroma oil in green bamboo scent. True to my excitement we were able to consume the oil in a short period of time faster than how it has been suggested without me knowing that the refill of such is not commonly found anywhere. Now I am having a hard time looking for one as the packaging says that only water-based scents are suitable for the revitalizer. There was one available that we’ve seen in a hardware but the cost seems to be to much for the purpose. I wish I can find one online.

Housing Loan Restructuring

I’ve been paying for the my mortgaged house since year 2009 and upon checking the balance of my loan it is as if nothing has been deducted to the principal amount simply because all that I have paid went directly to the interest. Now I am planning to request for a restructuring of the loan where I would be paying a certain amount and would eventually request to shorten the terms. I have already sent an email inquiry regarding the same asking for advice, I just hope the process is never that tough to undertake.

Sliding Patio Door Lock

Full-length sliding patio doors are usually found in homes with outdoor upper level decks and ground level patios. Most sliding doors are equipped to transition horizontally back and forth. The door panels allow for easy access to the outdoors and provide a large open space from inside and outside of the home. Most sliding doors have levers that can be easily switched to lock and unlock the glass door.

Although most of the latest sliding doors contain storm windows with a strong resistance to harsh weather temperatures, securing the doors and windows to your home provides an extra layer of comfort for the home. For a sliding patio door, adding a secure lock protects the home from intruders by preventing the door panels from being pried open.

A security lock that contains a deadbolt lock provides maximum security for sliding doors. The lock can only be opened from the inside of the home. Crossbar locks are easy to install, and they are designed with strong metals that extend from each end of a horizontal sliding patio door. You can shop for these types of door and window locks at various home improvement companies and glass and window companies, like Wedgit Locks.

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Trust and Pity

Just yesterday when one of my office mates learned that their vacated house has been ransacked. All the things that they’ve left in there were taken by the robber whom at first they have no clue about. Until the police came in and started the investigation. The door was not damaged at all and the one who has done it did not need any tools which he might get from a shop. This is what has given the police the idea that the suspect was somebody who can get in and out of the house before. Someone who knew the place far better than a total stranger. With all the characteristics as mentioned the alleged man seemed to be their former driver whom their family have trusted very well. They even gave enough of pity to the man since he has no regular job to support his family and it is just so painful to know that the one whom you have treated good and right will be able to do the thing to you. It is just so hard to give away even just a pinch of trust to anybody these days. Sometimes even your closest friends and relatives can execute something that can aggravate you and it is just so sad to realize.

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Bedroom Construction

Due to the heat of the summer, my plans have changed suddenly. I am now looking forward for the construction of our bedroom – the master’s bedroom and our son’s room too. This way we will be able to pursue on the air-con installation. Along with it I would like to have some built-in cabinets to save space and also something like Full extension drawer slides. The kitchen will go behind the plans as well as the back door extension as we just need to resolve the current problem of conquering the high-temperature weather. I just hope the budget would permit us.

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House Renovation Soon to Start

We have been planning about this since last year and I am just so glad that we will be able to do it this time. We had a meeting with the contractor from whom we asked the materials we will be needing for the construction of the facade of our house. We have allotted a budget and I hope we will never get short of it.
I am just wondering if they have enough of tools for their work but I do hope so. Do they have something like l clamps? Most probably, as they will never be able to accept a job without enough or right resources.

Christmas Tree

My son always wanted to have a Christmas tree for the holidays as he is seeing something alike from our neighbor’s house. More than just some decorative moss balls, there are a lot of things that we need in order to beautify our home. If only we have the budget to support all the things we need then I will certainly rearrange everything to make it a place really worth to stay for the holiday season, not just Christmas Tree but also those colorful lanterns and flickering Christmas lights. More than anybody else it is the kids who appreciate Christmas.

Home Finally

Almost 12 midnight of September 30 we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This has made me feel relieved and happy knowing that I am finally home. Though it seems to be better to live in the United States, for me no matter how hard life may seems there is indeed no place like home. I still would want to grow old and die in the Philippines. There are a lot of things that I missed during my three weeks travel and I will take every opportunity to enjoy things here especially those moments with my family. I would love to eat galunggong again.


Habagat is not a storm it is actually a southwest monsoon wind and this thing has brought so much of destruction recently to the Filipino people especially to those living in Luzon. It came with heavy rains along with flashing lightning and thunderstorms. I was some kind of frightened specially that we only have a thin window shield. With that I am thinking of looking for some curtains online which would fit the kind of windows that we have at home and of course something that is really thick enough to protect us from lightning sparks. I guess my problem is not as big as the rest of impacted Filipinos and I would like to extend my prayers for them.

Room For Rent Hunting

I had the chance to roam around our the vicinity of our place when one of my office mate’s friends asked me to accompany in looking for a room for rent inside the subdivision. Though we were not able to encounter the best outdoor gazebo, I can say that there are a lot of house designs in there. There are simple, elegant, modern and some antique styles as well. If only I have enough of budget can also bring our home to the blueprint I have in my mind. Maybe not now but in the next few years to come, I will be able to accomplish this plan and be able to get hold the house of my dream.

Nanny Left

Coi’s fifth nanny if I am not mistaken just left and this time I am even more problematic thinking about how he would go to school without someone to send him to and fetch him back. Of course not just a companion to school is what he needs. Moreso, he should have a constant nanny at home somebody who will prepare his things and most especially his everyday meals. Someone who will maintain cleanliness at home. I hope to find a new one soon.

LCD Television

My monthly amortization for our LCD Television which I availed using my office mate’s credit card last October 2011 is about to end in the next four months or so. I think what I should buy next is a kind of vesa adapter for it as it is just resting on an old table until now. I have already thought of where it should be placed best and it is just under our staircase. Probably before the year ends we could also grab a kind of home theater to fully utilize the capabilities of our television. We have seen one in an appliance store few weeks back and I hope it will still be there when we finally decided to buy one.