Water-based Aroma Scent

Last year I bought an air-freshener humidifier for less. It was on sale at a mall with a bottle of aroma oil in green bamboo scent. True to my excitement we were able to consume the oil in a short period of time faster than how it has been suggested without me knowing that the refill of such is not commonly found anywhere. Now I am having a hard time looking for one as the packaging says that only water-based scents are suitable for the revitalizer. There was one available that we’ve seen in a hardware but the cost seems to be to much for the purpose. I wish I can find one online.

A New Kitchen Toy

la germania_2burner gas stove
I am fond of cooking and if there’s one spot at home where you would usually see me it’s in the kitchen. Before the holidays came in 2015 our gas stove had a problem – its left burner was not functioning at all leaving me with a single burner to use. And so I decided to make my dream of having a gas range come true but due to unexpected expenses I ended up having a new double burner gas stove instead. And because it was just a replacement I never needed some kind of corner brackets and other stuff to fix my kitchen top counter and some racks on it.

LCD Television

My monthly amortization for our LCD Television which I availed using my office mate’s credit card last October 2011 is about to end in the next four months or so. I think what I should buy next is a kind of vesa adapter for it as it is just resting on an old table until now. I have already thought of where it should be placed best and it is just under our staircase. Probably before the year ends we could also grab a kind of home theater to fully utilize the capabilities of our television. We have seen one in an appliance store few weeks back and I hope it will still be there when we finally decided to buy one.

Lighting on Deals

As I am constantly visiting some of the on-line deals sight I am frequently seeing lately some of high power led lamps being sold with greater discount. Now I am becoming really very curious about the thing as most of them are saying that it helps save energy consumption. LED is becoming really more popular nowadays even in television or in projector screen. I am thinking now of changing all the lights in my house. I just would like to learn more about before doing so. If my renovation plan would continue this year then all the lighting will be replaced as well.

Plans for Kitchen

I guess I have once mentioned how I was able to replace our faucet in the kitchen. Imagine myself from being an accountant or an office worker to becoming a plumber by profession. Hihi! But it was such a fulfilling experience that I am capable of doing some of the tasks usually played by a man. I actually have a lot of plans in our kitchen. I want the ceiling to be smooth, its floors and walls to be installed with tiles, it’s sink to be replaced with stainless steel sink and some built-in cabinets to be placed on the wall. I hope I can have them accomplished within the year. 😉

Just Another Birthday Wish

Last year during my son’s second birthday I did not plan for something extravagant to celebrate it. Instead I practically spent the budget for a refrigerator. Little by little I am trying to invest on home appliances.

This month my son is turning three but I haven’t thought of anything for his birthday. I am just wishing for a flat screen television bundled with home theater speakers at this point or it could be another renovation works instead. There are still a lot of things which need to be done at our home especially now that there were only few of us left in there. However, we are taking it one at a time  so it will never be burdensome for us.