Housing Loan Restructuring

I’ve been paying for the my mortgaged house since year 2009 and upon checking the balance of my loan it is as if nothing has been deducted to the principal amount simply because all that I have paid went directly to the interest. Now I am planning to request for a restructuring of the loan where I would be paying a certain amount and would eventually request to shorten the terms. I have already sent an email inquiry regarding the same asking for advice, I just hope the process is never that tough to undertake.

Investment for 2014

For this new year, I have planned to invest and I just had it started. Other than the several coin banks that we have at home I just added some amounts to my share capital in the cooperative. I have also started to venture in some small businesses for profit. Apart from it, I am also planning to open a bank account for my son so his money will be secured and steady. I just hope that this will all materialize and prosper accordingly.

New Business

I guess I have mentioned in one of my posts about my friend who has just opened a laundry and merchandising business in one just within the vicinity of our residential place.

Opening a business is not just a simple task to begin with. Aside from the financial investments you really have to work on establishing each in every needs for your business to start growing. Systems to record business transactions must be put in place as well, including those things like Honeywell Barcode Scanner and etc. Of course, it would take a lot of effort and patience before you realize earnings.


It was March 30 of 2012 when I got an invite for an orientation regarding World Employee Share Ownership Plan (WESOP). It is an opportunity given by my current employer to employees world wide to own a certain number of shares. I was thinking if I should avail of it and asking myself if it would be better than investing on a silver rounds. I know it is worthy to spend money with as it looks forward to gain in the next years to come but I would still have to assess my current financial status. Aside from the risk it involves, would I be able to sustain our living with all the fixed expenses listed every month?