Wishing for Gadgets on my Birthday

I always say that I am a trying hard techie. No matter how much I love gadgets I just could not afford to possess each and every thing of them. I don’t even own something updated. All I have is an old iPhone, a lappy owned by the company and that is all.

Next month is gonna be my birth month and I was wishing for something like digital camera, Asus Tablet PC or an external hard drive (1TB) to save all of my personal stuffs like blog articles. Wishing there would be somebody generous enough to give me just any of these things mentioned. 🙁

GT: Trying Hard Techie

I have always regarded myself as a TH Techie. I would love to own gadgets but I am hesitant about the costs. Never I did buy a brand new mobile phone for myself. Most of the time I am just being obliged to pay for my relative’s existing phones as they need cash.

The only gadget I have which is very useful for me is my 8GB iPhone. I guess it was one of those first release units bearing a Model number MB046LL. It may be old as it seems but I am still contented about it.

Due to my frustration on techie things, early last year I made myself a blog entitled Trying Hard Techie which you may also want to visit and follow. Hihi!

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