Job Transitioning

More or less than a month ago I was told about a temporary International assignment and just recently when I learned that it was on hold. It was some kind of relief for me because it is more of job transitioning when I get there. I thought I was freed about it but there are a lot of similar things going on right now because of some changes on the management structure. Even through the means audio teleconferencing a lot of tasks are being transferred from one headquarters to another. On the other hand, it is still beneficial to the recipient as he or she will be able to expose to another set of report.

Family Games

Along with our simple Christmas celebration is a set of fun we have prepared ourselves. It was as if somebody has completed some sort of Room Director Jobs as we had a warm welcome and accommodated our relatives and visitors who joined us in our family games on the night of December 25. All of us enjoyed the event at home. We had our favorite games of “pinoy henyo” and charades for a prize. There were candies packed for the kids as well. Our aunt’s house was filled with fun and laughter that night and I am sure all of us went to the bed with a smile on our faces.