My New Domain Up And Running

Finally, my new Emotera blog is now available for viewing. It has been transferred from its old platform and I have consequently changed its appearance.

Don’t be disoriented by the sexy woman on its page, that isn’t me – I am sexier than her. Hihi! I won’t blame you if you don’t believe me but since it is intended to become a blog for Fashion and Beauty, expect some tips from me on how to keep yourselves fashionably beautiful everyday.

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JB: Altar of Flowers

During our Visita Iglesia last week, St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Kawit, Cavite was one of those churches in our itinerary. There is where we had our twelfth station of the cross.

While we were there, the multi purpose hall beside the church caught our attention. They built an altar made up of flowers. It was just beautiful. No one  and nothing stopped me from taking its picture.

Let’s take a closer look.

This is indeed

And will even be more beautiful if only I have used a better camera . =)

JB & FPF: Beautiful Accountants

from top left - niko, dhang, momi apols, jhoie, t2 bam, beth; from bottom left - kat, anne (myself), may

Lately, my classmates have been posting various college pictures reminiscing those times when we were regarded as worst block. Hehe! I revisited my albums and found some of our group pics. I concentrated more on our JPIA-PLM Acquaintance Party (held at Dusit Hotel) when we were in our Senior years back in Year 2001-2002.

Obviously we are all accountants by profession and since we were in block section we have established our constant companions and has formed a group composed of 10 girls and 1 boy. Missing in the picture is a girl and a boy who were a couple back then and until now (happily married).

I remember we slept in one house (momi apol’s) and there we did the picture taking. It was evident from our smiles that we really had fun and of course the girls were considered and will remain to be


This would also be my share for:

Friday Photo Flashback

How I wish we can get back our body figures. sigh!

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JB: Pink Kitchen

Our mini kitchen at home is currently being constructed. It is actually just a small extension at the back of our townhouse. I’ve been thinking lately of how I wanted it to become but only the color registered to my mind. Definitely I love green but this time I want our kitchen to be pink because I see it more as woman’s corner so I like it to look more feminine.

I have researched something from the net and below is just one of the results:

What can you say? Isn’t it


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JB: Sportfest Trophy

I’ve been thinking lately on what I could share for this week’s meme till I received an e-mail from our HR personnel that we can already claim our trophy. This was an award we’ve got in winning as a 2nd Runner up in Badminton Women’s Doubles on our Company Sportsfest  last year.

Though it came late and no awarding ceremony that took place, I still appreciate the token that serves as a remembrance of something in which we exerted effort and had fun about.

It maybe simple but it can also be regarded as:

Congrats to myself and to my friend and partner Elsa Castillo as well as to the rest of the winners.

JB: Tropang 5 + 1

With me in the picture are my friends.
From left Niko, Dhang, Beth, Jho and myself (there’s one missing Kat who acted as our distant photographer in Canada), and the kids are yenang, ayie, cj and coi (one missing as well – iyah on vacation).
I treat them more as my sisters and I believe they can be considered more than

Mishu brus! Labshu ol! mwah! mwah! mwah!