All Time Low

Sometimes you really have to set your priorities and you have to determine which among them is the most important. Like for us parents we always want our children to have a bright future. My son is now in his second grade and for the first time in his schooling he got an average way below 90%. And I would like to blame myself for this. With us wanting to provide all the things we needed we utilized most of our time working to earn some more and the consequence of that is spending less or even no time to teach my son in his studies and so this was the outcome. The dilemma on this is that would it be okay to set aside the pride of pushing my son to become part of the honor roll or to let him enjoy school without much of a pressure simply because we don’t have much of time to do so. Guiding him in his studies and providing him all his needs are two different options but are of the same objective of giving your son the best of life that you can offer as a parent.

Happy Three Years

We started celebrating yesterday and yes it is our third year together. I wish there is Motion detection Camera to record all the happenings and the happiness that we’ve shared.

Our first day was spent in Island Cove where we did tour on the Animal Island saw different species and even tried feeding a Crocodile. After that we enjoyed the cool water in the Oceania till dusk. On our way home we stopped by a restaurant and munched on some Crispy Pata.

On the main event, we attended mass went to the grocery after and had brunch out. In the afternoon, we let the children play alone or I’d rather say we took some time alone and watched movie, exchanged gifts and decided to have dinner at home.

Generally, it was all fun. At least we had it celebrated the simplest way where we were both satisfied.

Five Years Ago

554047_10151203229155900_1921183649_nIt was five years ago when I suddenly lose the motivation to go to work. Though I am aware that I may pop up anytime I just didn’t feel working that day and so I just stayed at home. During the night around 8pm 23rd of June when my water bag broke unexpectedly. My aunt started to scout for somebody who can take me to the hospital at that very moment. In the hospital, the labor pain started which lasted for almost twenty-three hours until I finally signed a waiver allowing my Obstetrician-Gynecologist to cut my tummy instead. Few minutes passed, at 7 o’clock in the evening when my son John Marcus Adrian finally came out. I never had any regrets of bearing him for nine months inside my womb and I can even say that the experience is indeed one of the joys of being a mother. Happy 5th birthday coi-coi! You know how momi loves you so much.

Gift for my Son

My son is turning five (5) on June 24 and I am thinking of something to give him. If only he knew how to play like an exceptional classical guitars at musicians friend then I would not have a problem giving him one since he is into music as well. However, he was asking for a gadget lately, a tablet for him to play games with. But I am actually having second thought on this as it my disturb him in his studies. I still have three days to think about it further. I want to surprise him and give him a happy birthday indeed.

Sin Tax Increase

Along with the increase in the taxes for cigarette and alcoholic beverages is the expectation to reduce the user of such products because of the rise in prices. I am sure other will just enjoy their usual la flor dominicana cigar instead of those tiny sticks to puff. I guess this tax implication will also lessen those smoking and drinking related sickness since some of them will be hesitant this time to spend their money on their vices.
Well, considering that impact this indeed has a positive effect for the community for their health and total welfare. I just hope that the tax intended for the government will be enjoyed by the people as well.

23rd Month

It is not the salary which I am referring to but our relationship. We have gone through twenty three months of being together and hopefully it will last longer than expected. Ups and downs? I guess we were more like riding in a roller coaster where we even experienced to be moving upside down. Nothing is easy but as much as we could talk about things we certainly do it. It is important that we do understand each other after every quarrel be it some kind of big or small. There are instances when we want to give up but it is a good thing that we still manage to stay. Perhaps its love.

Goodbye Lola

We hardly prepared ourselves for this time to come. I thought it was easy but obviously it is not. It is indeed hard to let go of your loved ones especially that it is death who took her away. My grandmother finally bid goodbye. She has done so much to my life. She raised me up which brought me to who I am right now. I love my lola and I guess I did not fail to let her know that. I will always be thankful about all the things she has given me, for all the sacrifices and for all the difficulties she had bear. I so love you lola… May you rest in Peace…

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First Time – Big Time

In our lives there is always gonna be a first time. No matter how surprising your first time experience may be it still depends on how you take things up. And this first time stuff of mine is something that I will never be ashamed of and I will definitely cherish and treasure until the end of my life.

Yes, I do admit that it is my first time:

– to go out of the Philippines, which of course includes a first time for me to ride an international plane, to experience pretty tiring connecting flights, for my passport to get stamped, to be interviewed by an immigration officer which I thought must be really scary but it seemed to be just fine, to taste some food served in a plane, to watch some movies and listen to music while up in the sky, to feel really anxious about traveling alone;

– to get into one of the most-liked continents of the world, to witness some luxury cars ordinarily rolling down the streets which, to see a city that’s clean and quiet, to be in a road where there few instances of public transport in a day, to sleep in a king-sized bed alone, to pee and all that without the aid of a water-dipper;

-to literally live alone for quite several number of days, to get along with people in which I seem to be a total stranger as they basically share the same nationality and to be trusted by them, to falsely turn all my hankies into red because of my nose bleeding everyday, to see an office cafeteria with more than ten microwave ovens around and with free overflowing popcorn every Friday for employees to enjoy, to practice living like a well-off citizen with all things available just around the corner;

– to live a thousand miles away from my son, to miss my loved-ones really knowing that I cannot hug them as much as I want, to experience a number of sleepless nights due to time zone adjustments, to act like totally oblivious just as to confirm things out, to worry from afar even though I knew that I cannot be in control of things back home.

No matter how I emerge like an ignorant individual, how some people laugh at how I act I just don’t really care for as long as I don’t offend them with my deeds. I would like to see this thing in a different perspective – that I am lucky enough because not all people are given the same opportunity as what I enjoy now.

I really appreciate this occasion of my life especially my first time experience of attending a Sunday mass in Vietnamese Language and I know more than just anybody it is our Lord who has been generous enough to bless me with something really unforgettable like this. I consider this as a special birthday gift for me now that I am turning thirty (30) and will actually be celebrating my birthday in actual fact away from home. And I will always be glad to brag about this first time experience of mine which I regard as big time indeed. Super thanks to all my friends who never fail to make me feel that I am not alone even when I am, them who always remind me to enjoy my stay and those who have been the living instruments to make this travel a one huge reality. Missing you guys this much – I’ll be back soon and that’s for sure. What’s important for me is that, beyond all of these things I love my life in the Philippines and it is simply irreplaceable.

Sunday Mass & Sampaguita Garlands

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I am so glad that we are now consistently attending Sunday Masses. For me it is a picture of a family at peace – with members who never fail to thank the Lord no matter what the situation is. It is a dream come true for me though we can not be considered a perfect family but at least we are engaged to doing some right things. After the mass, I never forget to buy a kind of jasmine flowers (Sampaguita Garlands) for me to offer to our tiny altar at home. I wish there will some sort of diptyque sale as well but more so I am wishing that this activity of ours will continue as days pass by.

Spice of Life

There is no relationship without a fight. That is one of those things that spice up a relationship. However, make every fight worth it. As some people would say you will not be able to enjoy and feel a sense of happiness if you do not experience things that would emphasize it like pain, hardship or difficulty. Being in a relationship is a challenge – a great challenge that will test your ability to handle matters of life just as to make things work, to keep it stronger, to make it longer and to simply maintain the flame of love and affection.

On the other hand, misunderstanding as one of the challenges must not remain. There have got to be an effort to always patch things up, an attempt to kiss and make up or to allot a room for forgiveness. Consider these challenges as an approach to learn and realize those issues which need to be spelled out.

Life is what we make it. Building good relationship gives life a value. Love binds a relationship. Simply put life is love.