Love Your Enemies

Yesterday, I have experienced the feeling of being stricken by guilt when I initially refused to help a sick someone who has thrown me a lot of heart crushing words. I felt shaking when I get up the staircase knowing that there is a better way and a rightful thing to do. I asked for an advice and I stumbled into the following verses:

Love Your Enemies

It maybe is one of the hardest things a person needs to bear for you know that you need to do the right thing even when you really don’t feel at ease on it. Pray for it and believe that all things will fall into its proper places. What’s important is that you will never regret doing the right thing.

Moving on, Moving in

I have decided that we will be moving in another place regardless if we will be able to work things out or not. I hope it is as easy as operating a cool behringer xenyx x1204usb 12-channel mixer but it is not. More than just the money, time and effort it involves emotions. This could mean a huge adjustment but I guess this is the right thing to do – to resolve the issues and to avoid further conflicts. We may have gone through a lot of pain and hardships but these will not stop if nobody would give way to a change. We need to change ourselves, we need to change our ways. With or without each other, I know we can move on.

Argumentative Me

I do not usually back out from arguments. For as long as I know I have a point in a certain discussion, I will not stop fighting for it. Just this morning I got a response about a request I made regarding my leave of absence and I have been replied with an excerpt from a certain policy. In things like this, I even have more guts to become a rebel in action. I will never stop until somebody gives me a solid starting point or basis of a statement more so if a thing implies a lot of meaning. I will be forcing you to explain it until it becomes acceptable or is fully understood not just by me but by the people around me.

Thanks for the Combos

I just would like show my appreciation to a friend who has given me something to munch on (though it’s actually intended for my son).

Thanks Kaye for the Pepperoni Pizza flavored Combos. I was aware that you have something important and some sort of emergency issues to settle that’s why you came earlier than expected but then you still managed to be thoughtful enough carrying and giving me this.I know you will gone through all of the problems you are facing right now. Just keep the faith and everything will just pass. Take care as always.

I hope you will still enjoy your short stay here in the country somehow.


I think I have said it many times before that I have passion in writing. Blogging these days has become one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, there were lots of activities set aside in the mean time to at least dedicate attention to my six existing blogs (and counting).

Being an accountant is in times a boring profession as you’ll be dealing with numbers most of the time whether you like it or not. At least I find myself a sort of neutralizer just as to balance things out and that’s blogging. If I get bored on numbers, I have words to deal instead. =)

A Big Change

It’s been almost four years since I embraced a new life and accepted the fact of becoming a mother. Within that period, I’ve transferred to two employers, got myself a housing loan, gave birth to my son and started to act more different than when I was still single.

In that same span of time, I lived with few of my relatives. Now, I guess this is but another challenge to face. I now have to live more freely. Not that I am thankful about it but I never really asked for things to come up this way.

This time I would have no choice but to stand with it and welcome a big change of lifestyle once more.

JB: Pink Kitchen

Our mini kitchen at home is currently being constructed. It is actually just a small extension at the back of our townhouse. I’ve been thinking lately of how I wanted it to become but only the color registered to my mind. Definitely I love green but this time I want our kitchen to be pink because I see it more as woman’s corner so I like it to look more feminine.

I have researched something from the net and below is just one of the results:

What can you say? Isn’t it


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Go Green Friday: Coi’s Green Costume

This is My Prince —> Macoi wearing his green Robin Hood costume I bought last November 2009 for his treat or trick activity.
I will never forget that instance as we came in late in the afternoon to the mall as there was a typhoon that struck our area during the morning.
But at least he was able to enjoy. Better late than never.

Green in Me

I simply love green. It’s my favorite color. Any shade of green will do – apple green, moss green, military green, mint green, neon green, light green and so on and so forth. It’s the same way as I love nature. Just last night I have done a sort of make-over to my blog’s design. Have you noticed it? Maybe not that much, as the color hasn’t change from green to green still.

The only thing that made me more like it is the personally chosen color combination of greens. Hehe! And the background with which symbolizes myself – leaf.

I really cannot explain further why I love this color. It’s just that for me green is pleasing to the eye and it makes me feel calm.

I preferred green as well to some of my personal belongings except for my dresses which I only have a few as I feel like it doesn’t blend well to my skin’s complexion.

But anyways I just love green. I can even ride on green jokes sometimes – that’s the green minded me.

And I never though a Meme like this exist, and so I joined for the first time…

CC: I like It While He Doesn’t

This is actually my first time to join Couples Corner. I hope I can share something about this week’s theme.
old pic
Ronnie and I are of extreme personalities. 
I am the outgoing type while he’s a home buddy.
I love sports; he knows little about  it.
He’s the silent type and I am the talkative.
He’s kind and I don’t claim to be one.
uhmm… what else? There are actually a lot of differences between us and I am just hoping that we keep on settling and accepting these dissimilarities. At any rate, just like the common adage says “opposite attracts”.

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