Spoiled GF

Just today I bumped into an old photo of mine with me holding a bunch of flowers four years ago. It was one of the most surprising days I ever had – our 25th month together. I remember the moment when I came home. I was about to change clothes then so I immediately went upstairs. When I reached the top, I wonder why our huge water container is blocking my way so I opened it up to see what’s in there. When I took of the the cover a bouquet of flower showed up with a note coming from my man saying Happy monthsary mami. I could say I was a spoiled girl and still I am up to this day.

Moving on, Moving in

I have decided that we will be moving in another place regardless if we will be able to work things out or not. I hope it is as easy as operating a cool behringer xenyx x1204usb 12-channel mixer but it is not. More than just the money, time and effort it involves emotions. This could mean a huge adjustment but I guess this is the right thing to do – to resolve the issues and to avoid further conflicts. We may have gone through a lot of pain and hardships but these will not stop if nobody would give way to a change. We need to change ourselves, we need to change our ways. With or without each other, I know we can move on.

38th Month

All of a sudden our need for a kind of vox amplug metal headphone amp at guitar center disappeared. This day though our 38th month of being together does not seem to be worthy of a celebration. It has been a week of quarrel and I still have no clue of there is still a way for us to patch things up and reconcile. We have not talked about things yet and nobody seems to be ready about expressing feelings relative to it. I am maybe on the denial stage and those instances when I see myself being pulled apart again but I am hoping that this would be fixed even not to the point of pursuing our love story. 🙁

Bonding Moments

We need to take advantage of our time together as a family since tonight is gonna be the first of our last two nights together. Daddy will take the night shift again starting Monday. We waited for him to get home tonight so we can have our dinner together. After eating and further clean-up of the table and our body as well we went straight to the room and watch the last night of The Battles portion of The Voice of the Philippines. Moments like this including the tickles and laughter is simply priceless something you can treasure the most- bonding time, quality time with the family. =)

Happy 31st

It’s been two (2) years and seven (7) months from the time you got my two big doughnuts. Remember the scene, when we were just sitting on the seashore watching those stars and the skies and flickering lights from the vessels afar. That was the day when you had your braces installed in your teeth, the thing that you are claiming as the reason why I fell in love with you. Do I have to admit that as one of the factors indeed? But I guess it really doesn’t matter. It was my heart who has spoken for you. I love you since then and hope this love will last until our last breath. Happy 31st monthsary dadi!

X-Men Weekend

I did insist hubby to stay at home aside from he was expecting somebody I just wanted to be home for the weekend. There are a lot of things to do to at home to make the day worthwhile for the family. And so we just decided to have some sort of movie marathon and X-Men have become our choice.
I wonder how it feels to be a mutant. What if the same school for the gifted youngsters exists in this world? Who might be the one to handle them? Could it be managed well to maintain peace and order?

Surprise on our 27th Month

I intended not to greet my husband since he really does not like to be given with well wishes ahead. If I did he will not exert effort for the special day. Since I did not throw him the first greetings I was in anticipation of something from him but I did get something for him as a gift. It maybe is really simple in its sense but still it is the thought that counts. And so when we get home he told me that he was suppose to buy me flowers as he usually does but since he can no longer locate the store where he always avail of one he just said that he was sorry about it. That instance stopped me to think that I would be receiving a thing from him. I was about to change my clothes when I saw a paper bag hanging on the knob of my closet then I saw a denim mini skirt inside the bag and a dedication outside saying “Mami, Happy 27th Monthsary”.

It was touching for me never really expecting anything but that did not end there he came upstairs offering me a glass of water but it was already half filled when it was handed to me. I am about to return the almost emptied glass to him while telling him “you offered me water but it was you who drunk it” when suddenly I heard a sound from the glass and so I noticed that something was inside. When I looked into it, I realized that it was a ring – a silver infinity ring which he let me wore (though it doesn’t fit my ring finger). What my husband did really surprised me and I can say that it was an effective attempt.

23rd Month

It is not the salary which I am referring to but our relationship. We have gone through twenty three months of being together and hopefully it will last longer than expected. Ups and downs? I guess we were more like riding in a roller coaster where we even experienced to be moving upside down. Nothing is easy but as much as we could talk about things we certainly do it. It is important that we do understand each other after every quarrel be it some kind of big or small. There are instances when we want to give up but it is a good thing that we still manage to stay. Perhaps its love.

Sunday Mass & Sampaguita Garlands

photo credit to cache.daylife.com


I am so glad that we are now consistently attending Sunday Masses. For me it is a picture of a family at peace – with members who never fail to thank the Lord no matter what the situation is. It is a dream come true for me though we can not be considered a perfect family but at least we are engaged to doing some right things. After the mass, I never forget to buy a kind of jasmine flowers (Sampaguita Garlands) for me to offer to our tiny altar at home. I wish there will some sort of diptyque sale as well but more so I am wishing that this activity of ours will continue as days pass by.

16th Month

It is our 16th month together and I wish we could stay longer together. Since today is an Easter Sunday we are on a vacation – vacation in a friend’s house just within our locale. How I wish we could be in Boracay or in Palawan in the next anniversaries to come. We would love to go out of town or even out of the countries to spend our special day together. But still we are thankful of wherever we may be our relationship is going very well – our love getting stronger as we have learned to live life and make it happier everyday.

Annulment on Sale

I am not a married woman; I have not been married not even once. Why? Because in as much as I want to see forever with my man, I cannot discount the fact that it is but possible for a relationship to fail. When it does, how would I avail for a remedy? Annulment is the only one and best solution to end up a broken marriage but not all couples has the capability to benefit from it; basically because it is too expensive here in the Philippines. Only those with enough financial capability can take advantage of the said solution.

I guess it is but fair to make it affordable for the non-wealthy citizen. It may somehow denote annulment on sale but I believe it can make a big difference for more.