First Day of School

Last June 13, 2012 was Coi’s official first school day. Just like any other excited parents I took a change shift just as to feel the pleasure of sending my son to school. I am very happy that I did not have a problem on him like any other kids who are crying. My son has really learned to become an independent child in his own little ways. He knows how to get along with his peers and I am really impressed about the comments that I got from his teacher who told me that he is a bright child. He is the kind of a fast-learner kid and he knows how to lead in his age. Really I am a proud momi. May he carry on his good deeds.

Aspiring for a Better Insurance Package

When my son was only six months old, somebody offered for a life plan. That thing did not register to my mind until it was presented. With the amount I thought as affordable for me, I did not hesitate then and immediately sign on a contract and paid for the initial amount required.

If only I had the chance to fully assess my needs just like some wholesale insurance offers I might have chosen a better type of insurance package. Well, at least I know what to do next time – research, ask for professional opinion and experiences and then decide and choose.

Every Cents Count

With a sudden change of my life’s set-up, I guess I need to make myself totally responsible about anything which has nothing to do with my life and my son’s (of course) – more than I have been before.

I must admit along with that change is an increase on my expenses thus equates to my budgeting dillema. This time, every cents count.

Maybe that was the hard part. On the other hand, I am still thankful now that I can freely move and decide on my own.

Thank you Father God for always providing for my needs.

Better Get Myself Ready

When I gave birth to my son and even upon learning of having him in my womb, there was a sudden shift of priorities in my life. Just like any other mothers in the world, I have put him on top of everything. All the hardwork and perseverance I dedicate to him.

I even told myself I better get ready everyday and got myself a final expense insurance. I am a single mom and I can’t deny the fact that my son has only me to rely and depend on. So when I die at anytime, my family have nothing to worry about paying off my final expenses and my son being my beneficiary has something to expect and claim from my insurance company. Two more years to go and I am done with my monthly insurance amortization.

A Big Change

It’s been almost four years since I embraced a new life and accepted the fact of becoming a mother. Within that period, I’ve transferred to two employers, got myself a housing loan, gave birth to my son and started to act more different than when I was still single.

In that same span of time, I lived with few of my relatives. Now, I guess this is but another challenge to face. I now have to live more freely. Not that I am thankful about it but I never really asked for things to come up this way.

This time I would have no choice but to stand with it and welcome a big change of lifestyle once more.

JB: Pink Kitchen

Our mini kitchen at home is currently being constructed. It is actually just a small extension at the back of our townhouse. I’ve been thinking lately of how I wanted it to become but only the color registered to my mind. Definitely I love green but this time I want our kitchen to be pink because I see it more as woman’s corner so I like it to look more feminine.

I have researched something from the net and below is just one of the results:

What can you say? Isn’t it


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PBW: Tired of Doing Nothing

After two months, we get to visit again my future in-laws. I am one of those luckiest women to have in-laws like them. Every time we are in their place they do almost everything.  They – my future nieces, sisters, brothers, and parents in-law.
They take care of  Coi all the time, do the cooking, serve the food, wash the dishes while I just let my back rest on the sofa or in bed just watching a tv show or browsing the internet with either iPod or laptop.
Sometimes I feel really shy about these scenarios but they are the ones whom are so persistent leaving me with no choice but to sit back and relax.
So this past weekend I really got tired of doing nothing – just watching Coi playing with his friends.

A Weekend That’s Tiring But Fulfilling

I have never been out for several weekends now. I think the last time was when I participated in our company outing last July 24 of this year.

Consequently, during weekends I am a full time mom, a house keeper in that sense. This weekend is just another tiring but fulfilling Saturday and Sunday.

I was able to do the laundry, did the pedicure for myself, glued my sandals, cleansed our silver accessories, took Macoi to the barber shop and had some sort of clean-up and rearrangement of some things in our home.

There was no major changes actually, except that we already placed our personal refrigerator up in our sleeping area – a space in our kitchen was vacated.

Our bed is my favorite spot at home and it feels so good to see things arranged in a manner simply fine where you can relax and spend even a few time of rest.

On the other hand, I guess the process of cleaning had worsen my condition. My colds gone really bad which might be due to inhalation of dusts.

Hope to feel well tomorrow as we have a badminton schedule with office mates.


Happy 7S Time

I am just so proud to share that our company (APC by Schneider Electric) is really actively implementing Good Housekeeping methodology in our facilities. Every Friday, 10minutes before 6pm, we are anticipating to hear the 7S chant recited by an employee assigned coming from any department.
Last Friday, I was asked to do it but fortunately I got exempted because of colds. And today I no longer have something to reason out. I had no choice but to do it though I was some kind of tense.
My script
I was a shaking a bit but I was able to speak in a manner clear and smooth to those who listen. Glad to hear positive comments on how I delivered the piece amidst little irregularity of the sound system. Thanks to Allan Buena for the encouragement, to Tita Mariz and Tito Dodi for being my coaches and for my friends and colleagues for the moral support you have extended; this has really helped to further boost my self-confidence. 


Today is just another payday. This day doesn’t make me excited at all becuase I know the money will just slip through my hands. Numerous bills are awaiting to be paid and month-end is even more difficult for me as my housing loan amortization becomes due at this date. Budgeting is not really fun especially when you have nothing to be allotted or you’re even expecting a deficit.
from clipart
Really it is just one of the ironies in life, you’ve got to work hard to spend. Glad I have Coi with me. Just a gentle call of “momi” from him eases me somehow. I just love to be a mom for Coi. Hope I can continue giving him anything he needs.
And I am wishing for more opps please.

Spiritually – It Isn’t Me Whom I Should Love

Proverbs 29:23 (NIV)
A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.
I was once an active church member during my childhood as an El Shaddai Ministry Choir. I have never failed attending Sunday masses. I do pray a lot then.
Year 2007 when I entered the congregation of Singles for Christ (SfC), wherein  I found friends considered brothers and sisters who do a lot of worshiping activities. I have learned then how to read the bible and became proud of speaking more about Jesus. I found a certain kind of happiness and fulfillment during those times. I found peace and contentment, a joyful and blissful life. I thought I have got more strength from above as I really got closer to Him. But during the same year I have been greatly challenged and in that test I failed. Thinking I was strong, I appeared weak that I was not able to fight the worlds’ temptation.
I am indeed a sinner. I might have already repented on the mistakes I have committed but there’s really nothing I should brag about my Spiritual life. I must admit I am not absolutely observant of His Commandments. Nevertheless, I am wholly assertive that I do believe in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Trinity. However, I know I still have to do a lot good to make it up to Him.
I am fully aware that I am not perfect, but I am really trying to be a good mother to my child and little by little as he grows I am teaching him Jesus’ existence as well as the value of prayer. I am just so glad that Macoi already learned how to pray and he calls it “Amen”. Before he gets to sleep, he comes up to me and say “Momi Amen, Momi Amen” which I already knew that he is inviting me to pray.

And this will be my official entry for this week’s GT.

I Love Me – Financially

Girls Talk
I am not rich; I guess I just have enough monetary resources to support our daily living. I have four (4) active bank accounts which I am not able to maintain the supposed Average Daily Balance (ADB). Why I am telling you this? Not that I want you to have pity on me but it is the real thing.
As of now I don’t have existing savings on hand except for this set of coins I keep inside my office drawer. 
 (one of my office mates told me that its as if tokens for videoke )
Given this situation, I still love myself as I’ve been through a lot of financial turmoil but I was able to withstand them. And I should give recognition to my friends who have helped me all these years and most especially BRO who have never turned his back on me (I bet HE does it to anybody as well) particularly during those times when I was the only one providing for our everyday living.
At present, it’s enough that I have funds allotted for my fixed expenses such as mobile phone bills, internet fees, housing mortgage, utilities (electricity), Macoi’s needs (milk, diaper, distilled water, vitamins, medical check-ups and immunization, etc), transportation allowance (approx. P15/day), grandma’s meds, personal hygiene supplies and that’s it. Thanks to “dadi” for being such a good contributor – at least I am no longer having budget deficit.
Though I sometimes still cannot help myself from complaining, I have considered myself blessed and more fortunate than those people who; live in the street, not eating meals for at least three (3) times a day, do not own shelter to protect them on weather assaults, do not have medicines to heal and cure their sickness and pains and obviously do not possess steady financial resources which was the root cause of this poverty that they usually experience.
What’s I am trying to avoid right now is to add on my debts as admittedly I still have few payables to be settled.