A Mother in Me

Just like how we want our musical instrument to be protected with something like numark v7 case it is but natural for a mother to protect her child all the days of her life. A mother’s love is something that is immeasurable though every mother has their own way of performing their parental duties. I myself will never be a mother as I am right now if not with my mom’s example. I may not be able to show her how much I look back to her at least this time I have learned to love her. I know I am not a good daughter but I am trying to be a better mother for my son.

Mother’s Day Gift

I am not a gadget lover. You simply cannot rely on me in buying those electronic equipments unless it is a gift. Speaking of gifts, there’s this another surprising stuff given by my husband for Mother’s Day. A kind of stereo headphones manufactured by Philips (SHP2000). I guess it was especially designed for women as it is illustrated by its packaging. Compatible for personal computer and even television, this thing is lightweight and comfortable. It has fully adjustable headband and ear shells which provide excellent fit.

Thank you so much dadi. You have succesfully surprised me once more. With or without something like this, I love you.

Personalized Mugs for Moms

Mothers are everywhere. Without them there will be nothing to be called as a family. They are being regarded as the light of our home. However, you will not only see a mother at home. There are mothers in almost every field may it be professional or not. I am a mother myself.

With our office considered as my second home in there I have also found my quasi mothers. This mother’s day I have come up  on giving them monogrammed coffee mugs as my present so they will always remember me. I just hope they will like it. Nevertheless, it is indeed the thought that counts.

Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s day is once again fast approaching. I have been seeing a lot of on-line offers on some gifts or presents to make this day extra special for our mom. I have been thinking lately of seeing my mom again after a few years of having no communication with her. But I guess it would be better if I would sent out to her a cool personalized stationery prior to  meeting her up to let her know somehow on the onset how I really miss her.

Now I am missing my closest friends’ mothers as well. I will always treasure how they have treated me more like their own daughter all these years.