Dolphy’s Death

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Dolphy is indeed more than just a Comedy King on screen. He has left an unforgettable mark in every Filipino’s heart through his laughable jokes and dialogues. He is a great man more so a great father to be considered despite having multiple wives. He has been very transparent about his status and has never been shameful of it. What is more important for him while he lives is on how he provides for his eighteen kids. That maybe is something a lot of husbands & wives can take from him to be a responsible parent no matter how complex the situation maybe. May you rest in peace Mang Pidol. Smile =)

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Congratulations to the Cast of In the Name of Love

Last year I wrote a review about the movie In the Name of Love with Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach as the main characters of the story. This time I just would like to extend my congratulations to them for winning the best movie actress and movie actor respectively in the 28th PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

I guess they really deserve the title. Congratulations and more power not just to Aga and Angel but to the entire cast and crew of In the Name of Love! You really did a good job!

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I Won’t Last A Day Without You

Funny how people still manage to fall in love even after a heartbreak. I guess it is indeed sweeter the second time around even if it means having relationship with a new partner. This is how the character acted in the movie I won’t last a day without you as portrayed by Sarah Geronimo. As a radio DJ with a show that deals with people having heartaches, DJ Heidee always make it a point to stay on the negative scene when somebody ask for advice about dealing with a playboy guy.

We had a good laugh in this movie and I even shed a few tears during the downside of Heidee who fell in love with Andrew (Gerald) after making some efforts of helping him how to win her ex-girlfriend (Megan) back. Thumbs-up!

Next Attraction: Cars 2

I’ve been waiting so long for Cars 2 to be shown in the local Cinemas. Two more days to go and it will now become available. What’s with it?

It is just my son’s favorite and just in case it will be his first time to watch a movie in the big screen as he is just three years young of age. I can imagine him running and playing around a stanchion when we fall in line to buy the tickets. Maybe that’s how kids act really, playful and sometimes naughty yet I am excited for it.

Cars 2 is showing in August 24 in Philippine Cinemas.

Final Destination IV

I must admit that I am already outdated when it comes to watching movies and all.¬† Just last Friday night (August12, 2011) when I had the chance to watch Final Destination IV. I don’t know if I really watched it or not as I can’t stand to look at those brutal forms of death. This is just so creepy though I can’t help myself of not watching it as I am still curious about it since I have seen the first three movies. Looking forward to the next one – Final Destination V. Good luck to myself, hope I can get to see the film completely. ūüėÄ





In The Name of Love – Movie Review

Well, well, well…¬†I just got a good impression about the movie and it was proven correct¬†when I finally had the chance to watch it on big screen (May 15, 2011).

The tale was fun and full of romance. It depicted the modern day approach of courtship Рan act initiated by Cedes Fernandez (Angel Locsin) instead, chasing after Garry Fernandez or Emmannuel Toledo (Aga Muhlach) while they were in Japan.

The flow of the story is simply unpredictable which leave the movie goers a lot of questions in the first part of the scenes until the end such as What happened after Aga rejected Angel?  Why was he convicted? What happened to the mother of his son (his ex-wife)? What separated them? How did Angel get hold of her situation?

The dialogues can also make you laugh at times but moreso those had made me cry a ton of tears. The conversation between Cedes and Emman and the revelation of what had happened to both of them is such a tearful encounter which got me carried away. Honestly, my eyeliner was washed out on that part as I was crying with black tears falling on my cheeks.

The movie portrayed a game of true love where you have to gamble your life to attest eternal devotion and affection for one another despite of. And for the very first time, I have seen Aga Muhlach in action which has given the film some element of suspense.

It is indeed a good movie to watch. Something you would want to see over and over again.

GT: Movie for An Enemy

I guess I was forced to become a movie enthusiast on this month’s GT. Honestly, I do not watch movies that frequent. My friends are actually making fun of me every time we get inside a movie house as I am expected to fall asleep no matter how good a film is.
I preferred to be on the positive side of a story for this week’s theme and has picked something which portrays a good outcome between enemies.
I typed on google the phrase “movie about reconciliation” and was directed to:

As usual I have not seen this movie, I believe this has not been shown yet. It may not necessarily  illustrate a scenario between enemies but it stresses the importance of forgiveness, accepting our responsibility for the mistakes we have made and the pain those mistakes have caused others.

No matter how painful the things that we have gone through it would still be best for us to open our hearts and be more than willing to forgive anybody who hurt us. 
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GT: Movie for Siblings

I have not really watched this flick but this is something I thought worth for sisters. I grew up without a sister beside me as I cannot withheld the fact that I was a product of a broken family. I have two (2) sisters from my father’s side and one (1) from my mother’s.Of course, we do have a lot of differences. Before, there are times that I envy them feeling like they took my parents away from me. But now that I am grown up woman  and a parent already, I guess I have nothing to envy at all.
Sisters can really be friends and rivals too. On the other hand, my friends are whom I have considered my sisters for a long time now. I even sometimes utter that I cannot live without them. We became rivals at times but we take things as a joke.
I remember back in college, we have this list of crushes but the funny thing is it turned out to be a “one for all- all for one” set-up. Anyways, those are for the purpose of infatuation only. Obviously, we can no longer do it to their husbands this time.
This will be my entry for this week’s GT. 

Movie for Dadi

I was thinking of a film to recommend, I googled about it and my attention was caught by this:

Just another Drew Barrymore movie – Going the Distance. What’s exciting about it is that it’s about a long-distance romance. What a coincidence! It might bear different lines of story but I am somehow in a situation alike having a distant relationship with my fiance in UAE. So I would probably end up recommending this for him to watch. Coming soon dadi. Hope this will be shown in there. =)

And this is my entry for this week’s GT, click on the badge below for more movie suggestions.