Casio Couples Watch

Tomorrow is going to be our 72nd months together – our sixth year anniversary. I was thinking about giving him a kind of lucille bb king guitar but he already has this string instrument which I bought two years back I guess.


Last year I got G-shock watches for both of us and today I decided to get Casio vintage gold couple’s watch from my officemate who is selling the same. I am not sure if he will like it but all I know is that he is a kind of watch enthusiast and this will be an addition to his existing collection.

Colour Pop Lipstick Trend

It is one of the most talked about beauty lip applicator. I’ve been hearing it inside the nutrition center where I do Zumba. They said that just like how a music stand light helps a musician, it makes the lips look good and moisturized. Curious about how it could improve my facial features I asked for the price. At first, I wasn’t convinced until I encounter a cheaper offer from one of my office mates. Thru their Facebook page, I get to choose a color and I think it fits me well.

sorry for the overkill pouting

sorry for the overkill pouting

It’s the “Frick ‘N Frack” which is a rosy terracotta shade.

Wall of Fame


I consider this weekend as a worthwhile one. I was able to accomplish a lot of projects I have lined up for months now. One of those is our wall of fame at home. It is a huge cork board pinned with medals of myself and my son. My husband’s collection of rosaries are also hanged in there plus some of the key chains given to me by my friends mostly my office mates.

I got the idea of arranging them this way from one of Marcus’s nannies way back when he was little. I just had it rearranged now just like how power cables should be kept and improved by putting plastic cover on. At least it will be protected from dust right now.I should have done it earlier though so I could have saved them from getting dirty and even rusty.

Musically Inclined Financial Analysts

Part of the program during our First Quarter Team Bonding is a videoke challenge. But since we’re busy at the kitchen I was not able to witness that but as I heard from the other side of the venue it was joined by some newbies and team leaders.

Other than some members of the team brought their guitar and beat box though I was not so sure if they have something like sampletank too.

Music is indeed everywhere, no matter what you do it is a kind of outlet to release different kind of emotions be it happy, sad, stressed or hype.

Finger Foods Store

We just have opened a new small business at home. It’s a selling of newly cooked finger foods such as french fries, some chinese dumplings, fishball, chicken balls, squid balls, cheese sticks and a lot more. My uncle, his wife and one of his sons are taking care of. The opening can be considered really successful with a good amount of sales obtained just for that day.

They did with a music coming from the mobile phones with its sounds coming out of the bluetooth speaker of cousin but I am not sure of they still neededed a kind of speakon connector for that.

It is a good thing now that people in the neighborhood have a place to go to whenever they need some snacks. We also serve ice cold softdrinks.

Toy Musical Instrument

flute recorder

Last Weekend my son told me that he is going to bring his toy trumpet in school – the one that he used for New Year’s eve because his teacher wants them to bring a toy musical instrument. I never allowed him to bring that since in my mind if it is indeed musical instruments that’s needed then he might take his guitar instead. But I thought about general guitar parts which could be broken if they would play on that so just today I decided to buy a recorder flute instead. When I came home I planned to reveal a surprise thru it thinking that he should be happy with that but then he said “its done, I don’t need it anymore” and so I told him its okay you can just learn playing it at home.

Wives Bonding

Today wives servants of Feast Bacoor are having their bonding moment somewhere in a city. I am supposed to join them but I am not feeling better today with my head aching I feel like I don’t have enough strength to travel that far and even extra finances to support the thing. I wish I am not this broke I wish I also have the capability to avail a novation launch pad. But I am hoping that I will be able to join them next time as I also miss having fun with friends. I am praying for their safe travel and fun filled activities.

Music Ministry – Yes or No?

Now that we already have a car, I am thinking if I should join the music ministry once I already learned how to drive. I no longer have a reason not to attend the rehearsals when I do, as I always tell before that it is hard to take public transportation going to the venue. But in the meantime, maybe I should start practicing at home and buy myself a kind of shure wireless microphones. I am seeing myself that I will soon be standing in front along with the group singing glory for the Lord. In the name of Jesus! Alleluia! Amen!

Moving on, Moving in

I have decided that we will be moving in another place regardless if we will be able to work things out or not. I hope it is as easy as operating a cool behringer xenyx x1204usb 12-channel mixer but it is not. More than just the money, time and effort it involves emotions. This could mean a huge adjustment but I guess this is the right thing to do – to resolve the issues and to avoid further conflicts. We may have gone through a lot of pain and hardships but these will not stop if nobody would give way to a change. We need to change ourselves, we need to change our ways. With or without each other, I know we can move on.

38th Month

All of a sudden our need for a kind of vox amplug metal headphone amp at guitar center disappeared. This day though our 38th month of being together does not seem to be worthy of a celebration. It has been a week of quarrel and I still have no clue of there is still a way for us to patch things up and reconcile. We have not talked about things yet and nobody seems to be ready about expressing feelings relative to it. I am maybe on the denial stage and those instances when I see myself being pulled apart again but I am hoping that this would be fixed even not to the point of pursuing our love story. πŸ™

Desperate Victims

Victim as its basic connotation is somebody who is at the aggravated end and it is so sad that other than being a victim they are now becoming even more desperate about getting relief goods such as food, water, personal hygiene and other primary commodities. Looting is becoming rampant due to hunger. A lot of the inflicted families are even getting sick and in worse need of medicines and other health related stuff. I just hope that the government will be able to speed up the aid that these victims are ought to receive just like a music that comes out of a gretsch resonator as it produces a quality and pleasing sound that may ease the burden of experiencing such a horrible disaster.

October 2013 Earthquake in the Philippines

The force of the earthquake that struck the cities of Bohol and Cebu seemed to be equivalent to several atomic bombs thrown during the violence in Hiroshima Japan. It has killed more than two hundred (200) lives and destructed more than two billion pesos worth of properties and infrastructures including residential buildings, churches and other structures. There were sinkholes discovered after the shaking which made the area next to it unsafe for people to live in. This disaster has brought so much pain, fear and suffering to the Filipinos who were greatly affected. If only a song played through rogue guitars at wwbw can ease their troubles I would do it for them so I can help even in the simplest way I can.