Toy Musical Instrument

flute recorder

Last Weekend my son told me that he is going to bring his toy trumpet in school – the one that he used for New Year’s eve because his teacher wants them to bring a toy musical instrument. I never allowed him to bring that since in my mind if it is indeed musical instruments that’s needed then he might take his guitar instead. But I thought about general guitar parts which could be broken if they would play on that so just today I decided to buy a recorder flute instead. When I came home I planned to reveal a surprise thru it thinking that he should be happy with that but then he said “its done, I don’t need it anymore” and so I told him its okay you can just learn playing it at home.

Guitar Night

I can still remember the moment when my hubby’s guitar gone completely torn. I thought then that we would no longer be needing a guitar wall mount. But even though we lost our own guitar, I still had the chance to sing during our recent Team building when one of our office mates played one as part of the consequence he had to go through when we had the game “truth or consequence”. It was fun indeed specially that I am singing with my friends as we enjoy having few alcoholic drinks before we go to bed that night. It was one of the most remarkable experiences.