NBA LockOut

It’s a big question mark on when the biggest basketball league in the world would resume. A lot of fanatics including myself would really miss watching our fave basketball players on screen. If only we can do a thing about it maybe even various insects would give in their top 10 chirp as a sign of protest on this move.

I wonder what my idols would do during these idle times, would they play on other basketball leagues outside the US of A? It could be that a lot of teams will take this chance to practice and improve their playing tactics for the NBA come back.

I just hope it will not last that long.



Miami Did it Again

Hooray for the Heat, as they were able to fetch their second win out of the three games of the finals. Though the game was played at Dallas homecourt that did not stop them to take the lead. Now they are on a 2-1 standing in favor of the Miami Heat. The big three have shown all their might in order for them to win this game.

Despite having two points advantage on the final score a win is still a win. At this point in time a lot of expectators are now anticipating for Miami to win the title for the conference. Well, let’s see on Game four if Heat would be able keeping ahead of the Mavericks.