Rainy New Year Celebration

There was not much of noise and on our side not much of happenings during the media noche (midnight before New Year). It is because there was some kind of drizzle during the time. We just had few grilled items set on the table as we hear some fire crackers popping here and there as well as some trumpets sounding (though unsure about the trumpet brands) in the neighborhood. It not with the rain there could be a lot of fireworks around the area just like how we have witnessed things as such during the last New Year. We were not able to push through the games that we have prepared for the night but I know it will be done in the next few days. What’s good about it is that we still experience New Year which means another set of life’s chances for everyone.

Welcoming 2014

This time is something different as we have celebrated new year in a new environment. We are now in our rented house within the compound owned by my husband’s clan. Unlike the previous New Year we now have guests who shared fun with us. We have few firecrackers and fireworks which were tiny as if coming from the hole of these cmm plates. Instead of the usual pasta served, this time it is a Chinese noodles that me and my in-law prepared. We also had a few shots of hard drinks and beers as we welcome the year 2014. Here’s wishing for God’s blessing and guidance all throughout the year and the years after.

Christmas 2012

We may not have enough of food set on our table or even gifts under our Christmas Tree, at least we are together as one family during the Christmas eve. I think that’s the true spirit of Christmas. What is important is that we were able to prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas 2012 is simple yet very memorable for us and so now we are looking forward to preparing for the New Year 2013 even for 2014 Chinese New Year. Every occasion is worth celebrating. Every memories of fun and laughter are worth to be kept and remembered. Happy Holidays everyone!