Rainy New Year Celebration

There was not much of noise and on our side not much of happenings during the media noche (midnight before New Year). It is because there was some kind of drizzle during the time. We just had few grilled items set on the table as we hear some fire crackers popping here and there as well as some trumpets sounding (though unsure about the trumpet brands) in the neighborhood. It not with the rain there could be a lot of fireworks around the area just like how we have witnessed things as such during the last New Year. We were not able to push through the games that we have prepared for the night but I know it will be done in the next few days. What’s good about it is that we still experience New Year which means another set of life’s chances for everyone.

No New Year’s Resolution

Year 2011 was one of the most challenging period for me. That is when I chose to enter into a more complicated life which has led me to lose my family. It was really difficult considering all the troubles I had face when it comes to my love life. There were moments when I thought of giving up and I could not imagine how many gallons of tears I have shed with all those problems that came our way. It was hard indeed. Even though how tough things were I have never set of any new years resolution to intentionally shift life’s scenes. I believe having a new year’s resolution is not just being said as it would be better translated into actions. I told myself that I just need to enjoy life without giving harm to others.