Goodbye and Thank You Margie

I was surprised reading the message from my inbox with subject stating that Margie has left. It’s been just more than a month since I had transactions with her.

Even if I was not able to have personal connections with her I recognize her so much on being a part of one of my greatest passions – blogging. This time I am wishing that it was just temporary that she just needs some sort of back acne treatment that’s why she’s leaving.

Nevertheless, we just have to accept constant life change. And now, through this I long for her the best of  luck on her new endeavor. Goodbye and Thank You Margie

Blessing in Disguise

I must admit lately I was full of angst. Bitterness attacked as I felt discriminated by people. I was in search for better explanation and clarification of things but nobody was able to deliver it.

This feeling was even mixed up with stress and pressures at work as I have to face and accomplish month-end closing requirements not to mention that I was also sick with colds, cough and phlegm. Exaggerated as it may seem but I was greatly challenged and almost wanted to give up. But I still fought and expressed my principle as I know I have the point and I was indeed right.

I took myself for a day of rest last Friday (yesterday) trying to forget those negative things that struck me in the past few days. This morning (Saturday) I tried opening my personal email and saw Margie’s name in my inbox. Eager as I was I immediately opened it and was so surprised to know that my blog was finally accepted. It’s been ten months before I got this approval. Now I look at it as a blessing. Perhaps, He did not allow me to be part of the team so that I could have enough of time to attend to my blog and earn more.

God is good that He provided me with something I really need in life.

Thanks to payu2blog, looking forward to more opps from you.

Lessons learned: Life sometimes is just a matter of acceptance, perseverance and patience.


Missed Months

I am writing this post just as to express my regrets once more. I was excited to open my mails upon seeing that Margie has sent me one. But then it is such a cheerless response for me.

Again, it’s my fault that I stopped blogging for a while. I should have not neglected writing.

Now I have to wait for another month to see if this would qualify to p2b’s requirements. I’m not losing hope. I know this could be eligible in time.

It’s time for me to exercise perseverance and practice the virtue of patience once more. Wish me luck. =)