TNT vs Ginebra

Our first PBA encounter for this year happened yesterday and as usual it was a match between Talk n’ Text and Ginebra. But of course it is the Tropang texters that we are supporting. The game though non-bearing for Ginebra is still worth watching and the coliseum almost reach its full capacity.

pba 2014

More than the chauvet led blacklight are the eyes of the TNT fans glowing in delight as they witness the texters go ahead of the barangay in scoring.

I consider us as lucky charm since we never had losing experience watching live for TnT so far. But of course it would be happier to see them win every time they play with or without our presence.

PBA Governor’s Cup

Last one or two games remain and the PBA conference will end as well (just like the Shakey’s V-League). But this time I am not cheering for the Tropang Texters. Though I am not actively watching like the usual, I have opted to be in favor of my old and long-time favorite Petron Blaze Boosters (formerly San Miguel Beermen). With their import who is really dependable (Paul Millsap) I hope they could get the Championship trophy this time. I have this much faith on Marcio Lassiter and Chriz Lutz not to mention that the veteran Danny Ildefonso is still playing for the team.

Pride Behind Guilt

Indeed there is a reason for everything – whether we like it or not we just need to accept some things. Just as the recent defeat encountered by the TNT Nation. It is really hard to accept the fact that we lost despite the unstoppable effort. But what is more difficult to absorb is the obvious truth that there was something really dubious that transpired that’s why we are now at the losing end.

We are but very much convinced about the performance of Denzel Bowles, James Yap or whoever may be from the B-MEG Planet but there is such thing as conscience to consider. It may not be executed by anyone of them but it is hard to take pride behind guilt.

For me and for the rest of the Tropa – Talk ‘N Text will always be our Champion. Continue to play a clean game, we are just so proud of you guys. We love you!

Tremendous Effort

I just can’t forget how Jared has been showing tremendous effort just as for the team to recover during Game 5. I don’t know if he realizes how painful it will be just in case his bones would break because he is throwing his body like it was made up of stone.

I hope the rest of the Tropa will demonstrate the same determination as what Jared has shown in the past games. I do admire how Castro, Harvey, Fonacier, Williams, Peek, Carey, Reyes and the rest of the guys are working everytime they are on the court but how I wish Ranidel and Jimmy will be back this time from their notable vacation.

Let’s take home the sixth game Tropa! Show off your tremendous efforts while we pray.

Practice Free Throw

Game 1 of the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals happened last night between Talk N’ Text and B-MEG. The latter ahead by six (6) points led them to 1-0 standing and so 0-1 for tropa. By the look at it, as I have watched the entire game on the television; it is basically their free throws which has really thrown the tropa out. If only they have shoot them all then  probably they have taken home that game 1. But there is no use mumbling on what has already happened, instead something must be done to work things out for the next game. And so we really hope that the TNT Nation would be able to beat the B-MEG Planet on Wednesday and on the next games to come.

Go TNT! We believe in you!


TNT for the Finals


It is just this season that I became a literally big fan of the Tropang Texters. It is because of my hubby and my hubby’s playing friend Ranidel De Ocampo. Last March 28, 2012, we had the chance to watch them live and I was able to have a picture with some of them. I can say that Dillinger is one of the most approachable of them all. Not only that, he is one of the most aggressive players as well.

I am so proud of what Jared has executed last night in their do or die 5th game for the semis. Without him in that game, I don’t think it is that possible for the TNT nation to get through the finals. Congrats Tropang Texters! Jared, you’re now one of my idols!!!

Tropang Texters Made It

I didn’t have enough of enthusiasm to watch the game 6 of the pba yesterday as I thought it will be extended to game 7. I was just trying to peep on the television from time to time and when I saw that the barangay’s score far ahead than the texters I just decided to fix my clothes on my bed.

I was just asking Boss through text messaging to become somehow updated of the scores. I once asked him and he told me that the texters’ balloons already fell which means that they already won the game. I ran immediately to the tv and shifted its channel to see the situation, there I saw the scores at 88-86  in favor of the barangay. With few seconds left the texters was able to shoot the ball for overtime – Alapag did it in his lay up.

The game has become exciting but since I was not able to see how it started, I just became contented on waiting for the result. After the five minutes extension, the scores stopped at 99-96 with the scores led by the texters. And so that’s it. The Commissioner’s Cup Champion Title went to Talk & Text. And the Final’s best player awards were given to Jimmy Alapag and Jason Castro.

Congratulations to the Tropang Texters! You deserve to win. Nice Game for Barangay Ginebra, you really made it hard for them to get the title.

Game 5 – Do or Die for the Barangay

Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner’s Cup 2010-2011 is now on its Finals. Having Talk & Text and Ginebra as opponents,  they are now on their fifth game on the best of  seven with a standing of 3-1 in favor of the tropang texters.

This is gonna be a do or die game for the barangay. They ought to give their best if they still want the finals of the PBA 36th season extended up to game 7.

Basically looking at the line-up of players, Tropang Texters is really on the advantage but the barangay just got the best import of the conference. I guess the latter must fully utilize Nate Brumfield in order to at least move a little ahead.

Looking at the gaps on the scoring, there were distant differences on the figures on two out of the three games won by Talk & Text.

Tears of Joy – God is Good All the Time

Can’t stop my tears to fall, I can’t explain how I really feel about the blessings God has given today.  There’s early morning good news for me and my boss. Just last night when we were praying for us to win in our bet for the PBA ending of 4-0, Boss has planned to where and to whom he’s going to spend the winnings just in case-all in good intentions (for mommy, for baby girl, for a friend in need). As we embraced each other we put our trust in the Lord as we really have no other resources as of the moment.
I was trying to remember yesterday all those delicious food that we have eaten together when we were starting, I told him I miss the spicy chicken wings in a restaurant, I miss the twisted fries in a stall in the mall, I miss a lot but we have no penny to spend for such cravings.
When I reached office just a few minutes back, Boss called and told me that God has answered our prayer. It is such a joy for us, not just because of the money but for the sense of relief it could give knowing that we will be able to help people more than ourselves.
I am writing this post to proclaim the goodness of the Lord despite us being a sinner. He knows exactly our purpose. He knows our intention. He answers our prayer because we deserve it.
This is not a testimony that God allows gambling, it is just an evidence of grace – just pray with a pure heart.